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Wind to release the BlackBerry Bold 9780

It’s expected that WIND Mobile will release a follow up to the BlackBerry Bold 9700 with the Bold 9780. It’s just a matter of when. According to this inventory screenshot it’s pointing to be soon. No official dates or pricing but one would believe this is a device that they will release in January 2011. Specs have this Bold coming with a 2.4-inch display (resolution of 480×360), 624 MHz Processor, 512 MB of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash, WiFi and can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card.

Other devices that we’ll see in 2011 are more Android and also possibly their first tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook

Source: BGR


Here are your Best Buy Mobile Boxing Day deals!

You just might want to hold off getting that Android or BlackBerry device until Boxing Day. One of our tipsters has sent us the upcoming Best Buy Mobile Boxing Days deals and here are the highlights. In addition it looks like they are sweetening the pot by throwing in a various amounts of gift cards on these devices:

TELUS HTC Desire – $0 plus a $150 gift card
Bell HTC Desire Z – $0 plus a $150 gift card
Samsung Galaxy S Captivate – $0 plus a $125 gift card
Virgin HTC Legend – $0 plus a $200 gift card
Koodo BlackBerry Curve – $0 and get a free $100 gift card
Plus when you purchase a BlackBerry they are giving you a $200 gift card

Good deals if you’re into 3-year contracts… but free is always good.
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Rogers launching Flex Rate plan for Galaxy Tab and iPad

A few weeks ago Rogers VP John Boynton stated that “we’ve seen strong tablet sales this year. Stronger than expected and we expected it to explode in the next 12 months. In fact, we expect tablets to lead our mobile internet category mix in 2011″. A sign of things to come…

Rogers currently sells the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Dell Streak. Next year they will add the BlackBerry PlayBook. There are a couple current plans: $15 gives you 250MB of data and $35 gives you 5GB of data… Starting tomorrow, December 23rd, Rogers will be introducing no-contract Flex Rate pricing for both the Galaxy Tab and iPad. Here are the details:

Prices for Non-Quebec:
$20.00 for 0 to 500MB
$35.00 for 501MB to 5GB (above this will a charge of 2 cents per MB)
(Plus the Government Regulatory Recovery Fee)

Prices for Quebec only:
$21.96 for 0 to 500MB
$36.96 for 501MB to 5GB (above this will a charge of 2 cents per MB)

Update: Included in these plans are Unlimited Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace Bebo, LinkedIn, Flickr, Photobucket). Also, this is a limited time offer until January 7th.

More options for you…
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SaskTel continues to expand 3G+ coverage… now reaches 17 new locations

SaskTel continues to expand their new 3G+ network, seems like the build out is going incredibly fast – and even better is the way they are communicating updates. Every week they send out a notice of where the network coverage has reached. Today 17 new locations have been added and you can check them out after the break (more…)


Rogers Samsung Captivate now free on 3-year at Planète Mobile

Live in the Montreal area? Itching to get yourself a Samsung Captivate? We like looking for mobile deals and Rogers dealer Planète Mobile has discounted the Android-powered device to the ripe price of free on a 3-year. Something to consider this holiday season (it’s usually $99.99)

Check it here at Planète Mobile


Has Public Mobile approached other carriers to merge?

This year new-entrants worked hard to get their service off the ground. First it was WIND Mobile, then Public Mobile and finally Mobilicity. As for known new-entrant subscriber numbers: Wind will “be well north of 200,000 by the end of the year” and Mobilicity just declared they’ve “added over 50,000 new subscribers in just the fourth quarter”. Public Mobile has not released any official numbers.

The reason these new players came into play was due to a Government Spectrum Auction to increase competition. The Industry Minister stated before the auction that “Our government’s intentions are clear: to achieve lower prices, better service and more choice for consumers and business. We believe in relying on market forces to the maximum extent feasible because competition benefits consumers, and consumers benefit most when markets are as competitive as they can be.”

Competition has certainly increased. Prices have dropped for both handsets and monthly plans. Various a nalysts and industry execs have stated that the Canadian wireless market cannot handle the number of carriers we currently have… thus believing that in 2011 we will start to see carrier consolidations. There is an interesting read in the Financial Post that says Public Mobile has “approached” the other new entrants or investors to merge and form a partnership. Public Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic said that “I don’t think there is any question in my mind that it would be good for all parties concerned that the new entrants consolidate. If you brought these three together, you’d have a really strong national footprint, distribution, call-centre efficiencies [and] stable pricing”.

In the same article a quote by Phillip Huang at UBS says that “Consolidation would repair the market structure… With fewer players price stabilizes”. Really? Is the market structure in need of repair and does Canadian pricing need to be stabilized? Are these not the reasons the Government created room for new entrants?

So if 2011 is the year of carriers being consolidated… who do you think will join together?

Source: Financial Post


Bell tries to rid themselves of the Motorola Dext, $149.95 no-contract

The Bell Palm Pre has been sent down to a low no-contract price of $149.95 and it seems like Bell is using that same magical number to clear out other stock. The once acclaimed Android-powered Motorola Dext with MOTOBLUR can now be had for the no-contract price of $149.95. If you’re thinking about getting this just remember that you’ll be stuck with the same OS at 1.5.

Source: Bell


REALTOR app for iPhone now available to download iPhone app is now available for download. This was created by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and gives you the option to search for properties on your device and also includes a map (courtesy of Bing). The app is free uses the GPS to locate nearby listings and open houses. Other features include the ability to search (and save) property listings, contact agents and schedule open houses.

More here via iTunes


“Mobiflip” now available at Mobilicity

The Mobilicity “Mobiflip” is now available. Their site states it’s $99.99 but they currently have a $50 main-in-rebate form that takes this down to $49.99 until December 31st. The device is actually the Sidekick LX but Mobilicity re-branded it with their own flare. We have more info on this device here but quick specs are that it comes with a 3.2-inch display (resolution of 854×480) with a swivel form factor, full QWERTY keyboard with trackball, 3.5mm headphone jack, 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and video capabilities.

Get it here at Mobilicity


Wind Mobile to start opt-in mobile advertising Q1 2011

It looks like the relationship between Globalive and MyScreen Mobile is about to come to fruition. The two entered into a partnership back in October 2008 to bring mobile advertising to Wind Mobile customers. A press release stated that a pilot project is currently happening and a full roll out will take place Q1 2011 that will give customers the option to opt-in to “check out mobile ads”… in return “earn rewards, discounts and even products”.

If you are a customer and choose to sign up, MyScreen says their mobile ads are different as the “ads are deployed at the end of every call”. Subscribers accumulate reward points for every ad they view. In addition, customers have the option to choose the type of ads that get delivered by creating a profile and choosing from the categories of sports, entertainment, lifestyle and health.

What do you think… are customers ready for opt-in advertising on their device?
Source: CNW