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Mobilicity continues cutting device prices

Mobilicity has been in business for over 4 months and we’re patiently waiting for them to expand past Toronto into their other launch cities (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa)… it actually seems that those potential customers might get the better deal. Over the past few weeks Mobilicity has added new features, adjusted their monthly price plans and recently reduce the cost of their flagship BlackBerry device.

Although the major news yesterday was the chitter/chatter legal issues between them and Rogers discount brand Chatr, Mobilicity decided it was time to cut the prices of almost all of their devices. No reason was given and no sale was announced, but you can now get the following devices cheaper: Nokia 5230: $149.99 (was $169.99), HTC Snap for $149.99 (was $199.99) and the Huawei U7519 for $99.99 (was $109.99).

What do you think is the reason for the cuts: To give back to the customer? An extended back-to-school sale? Pressure from other carriers? Needing more customers? New devices coming soon?

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TELUS puts the Samsung Galaxy Apollo as “coming soon”

After a few leaks plus being put on the Best Buy site, TELUS has officially put the familiar “coming soon” on the Samsung Galaxy Apollo. No word on an official launch date but pricing is going to hit the $249.99 outright and $49.99 on a 3-year. This comes with Android OS 2.1, 3.2-inch display (resolution of 240×400), WiFi, 3 megapixel camera that records 720p videos, GPS, WiFi, FM radio, 3.5mm headset jack. TELUS continues to pump out the Androids.

Source: TELUS
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Video: 5 Canadian developers show off their Windows Phone 7 apps

Microsoft Canada held an event last night to give a very brief introduction of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 launch. It was basically highlighted by demonstrating how easy it is for developers to start building apps. Microsoft brought in a few Canadian app developers:

- Barranger Ridler, 4MKMobile, Tim Horton’s app
- Alexey Adamsky and Alex Yakobovich, Ryerson Digital Media Zone, 3D Sudoku app
- Mark Arteaga, RedBit Development, VanGuide app
- Shawn Konopinsky, Nascent Digital, social music app
- Mike Kasprzak, Sykhronics Entertainment, Smiles game app

We know WP7 will launching at the same time as the United States by various manufacturers (LG, Samsung, HTC) and will be available on several carriers. I believe we’ll hear some possible firm dates within a couple weeks. I also played around with a LG device and took WP7 for a spin and it’s incredibly responsive, very intuitive and what’s amazing is when you compare it to previous WinMo devices is that you truly have the opportunity to personalize it. It’ll be interesting to see how this “revolution” unfolds.

Check out the video of the event after the break (apologies for the incredibly bad video, tripod was missing). (more…)


SaskTel confirms BlackBerry Torch 9800 launching by “the end of this month”

Since SaskTel launched their 3G+ network they are releasing newer devices quicker… another addition is on the way and it’s the BlackBerry Torch 9800. SaskTel says this new touchscreen/QWERTY slider will be available by “end of this month”. Other carriers such as TELUS, Rogers, Bell and Virgin are all releasing this on September 24th.

No details on pricing but if they follow their previous trend the 3-year contract price will fall in line with the other carriers at $199.99, but the no-contract price will skyrocket for reason. For example, the Vibrant was recently released at $645 no-contract while Bell is selling it for $499.95 no contract. Want another example… the BlackBerry Pearl 3G is going for a massive $635 on SaskTel while Wind Mobile currently has it for $300. Hopefully the various price points drop.

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Bell signs deal with NFL, brings live games to your mobile

Sponsoring sporting events and partnering with sporting teams is all the rage these days. TELUS recently became the official wireless provider of the CFL, Rogers took on naming the home of the Vancouver Canucks, Bell sponsored Vancouver Whitecaps FC… and today announced an exclusive multi-year deal to bring the NFL to Bell Mobility devices.

For $8 a month you can subscribe to get Bell Mobile TV and watch live NFL games (regular season games and the Super Bowl) plus NFL RedZone. I can’t see this looking good on the Dext, Pearl 3G but with the iPhone or the Vibrant it’ll show up nicely.

Source: Bell


Mobilicity officially files complaint “against Rogers with various government agencies, including the Competition Bureau”

It’s clear that new entrant Mobilicity and Rogers new discount brand Chatr Wireless don’t see eye to eye and simply dislike each others wireless strategy. On July 9th, Chairman of Mobilicity John Bitove said that Chatr is “trying to destroy our success” and should not be allowed to launch because of the “Abuse of Dominant Position” in the Competition Act. Basically, Chatr was an idea that was started a year ago and launched in the same core cities as Mobilicity eventually will (Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver). Chatr ramped up their service incredibly fast offering similar unlimited talk and text plans with no-contract devices.

On the actual date that Chatr launched, Stewart Lyons, COO of Mobilicity said in our interview with him that “We served them with a letter last week that basically said if it launches in a manner as was revealed then we would take some certain legal action. Among those things were civil litigation, complaint to the competition tribunal, complaint to the regulatory authorities… and since it did launch in that manner we will be pursuing those avenues.” Today we have an update for you as Mobilicity sent us an e-mail stating:

“Further to our interview in July and your request to be kept updated on Mobilicity’s response to Rogers’ launch of Chatr, please be advised that late last week Mobilicity’s legal counsel filed complaints against Rogers with various government agencies, including the Competition Bureau, on the grounds that Chatr is in direct breach of Section 78 of the Competition Act prohibiting market leaders from using “fighting brands to discipline or eliminate a competitor.”

We will not be issuing any statements other than to say we are strong proponents of a healthy, fair and sustainable competitive environment in Canada’s wireless sector, and we are confident that the Competition Bureau and federal government will ensure this remains the case. – Stewart Lyons, Chief Operating Officer, Mobilicity”

What do you think of all this new “competition”?

Update #1: We just received an email from Rogers in response to the legal action Mobilicity has taken. Basically saying we’ve received nothing from any government body and all the other wireless carriers are fine with us being in the market.

John Boynton, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Communications stated the following:
“We have not been notified by any government agencies, including the Competition Bureau, of any complaints filed by Mobilicity. Other new entrants and competitors are welcoming the competition. They, like us, believe it’s good for customers. Our motive is simple, to offer customers choice and serve a growing segment that is looking for unlimited talk and text on a network they can trust. We’ve adhered to regulations and pro-actively reached out to the Competition Bureau. We are committed to chatr and look forward to it being a success.”


Chatr launching in Montreal on September 16th

When Rogers launched their discount wireless brand Chatr on July 8th they also said that Montreal will be added to their launch cities. Currently Chatr is available in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver… and on September 16th they’ll also go live in Montreal. They will be offering the same plans ($35 & $45 unlimited talk and text) and devices (Nokia 1661, Nokia 2220, LG GB125r and the Samsung Gravity).

So now the battle for Quebec is really heating up. New entrant Public Mobile recently launched, Rogers, Bell and TELUS all have market share… plus the long-awaited new 3G+ Videotron network is scheduled to go live on September 9th. Lots of wireless choice coming your way Montrealers!


Rogers sends out e-mail saying we can almost pre-order the Galaxy S Captivate

Back on August 4th Rogers stated that the very anticipated Samsung Galaxy S Captivate was going to be available “in the coming weeks”. Well, weeks later they and more teasing as an e-mail was sent out to those who registered for updates that says “Additional information is now available” and that we should “Stay tuned for more info on an exclusive online pre-order and a chance to win a Samsung prize pack!” No price points or release date has been set, but we hear that the release is still a few weeks away.

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Rogers HTC Magic+ owners: OS 2.1 upgrade starts rolling out today

The long haul for the HTC Magic+ to be upgraded to Android OS 2.1 is almost complete. Announced on Twitter this morning that “HTC Magic+ Customers should expect HTC to start rolling out 2.1 OS today, OTA”. Hopefully that “should” turns into a yes… let us know if you’ve received it.

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