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Goodbye 2010… Hello 2011!

2010 was an incredible year for wireless in Canada. Intense competition with the new entrants coming into the market, a few price drops on both handsets and plans and even time for a few lawsuits.

Here’s some (not all) of the top stories over the past year in no particular order:

- Dave Wireless selects Mobilicity as their go-to-market name (launches wireless service)
- Rogers decides to launch new low-cost sub-brand Chatr Wireless
- Mobilicity starts legal action for Rogers for launching Chatr
- Apple iPhone 4 launches
- BlackBerry Torch 9800 is release (RIM’s first slideout QWERTY touchscreen device)
- Videotron launches their new 3G+ network (along with the Google Nexus One)
- SaskTel launches their HSPA+ network
- Microsoft launched their new mobile platform: Windows Phone 7
- Shaw announces they will launch their wireless service in 2011
- Finding distribution partners was a key part mobile this year
- WIND Mobile opens up in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa
- Virgin Mobile credits man $6k for his own error in roaming charges
- Public Mobile launched their wireless service in Montreal and Toronto, states data is coming in 2011
- Competition Bureau asks Court to have Rogers to pay $10 million for “misleading advertising” of Chatr
- TELUS and Rogers say they will start unlocking phone in 2011 (for a cost)
- Android devices become a bigger player in 2010

Those are just a few… what do you think 2011 will bring? More tablets, mobile money becomes part of our everyday life, carriers merge, lower monthly plans, abolish the 3-year contract (hopefully), every carrier will offer some sort of data offering and true unlimited plan, devices will get more powerful with bigger and brighter displays.

Leave your comments below with what you think 2011 will look like…


WIND holiday promos extended… now expires January 5th, 2011

Seems like a battle between Mobilicity and Wind Mobile is happening with their holiday promotions. They just keep getting extended. Mobilicity recently extended their “Unbelievable Holiday Offer” to January 16th and now WIND has pushed back the expiry date of both their “Festive Cheer Plan” ($25/month) and the all-in voice, text and data “Holiday Miracle Plan” ($40/month) to January 5th, 2011. Hopefully these promos will become a standard plan.

Check it here at WIND
(Thanks Chris!)


Infographic: Windows Phone 7 devices compared against each other

Here’s a graphic look at all the current Windows Phone 7 devices compared against each other. The list of devices are Dell Venue Pro, HTC HD7, HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Pro, HTC Surround, HTC 7 Trophy, LG Optimus 7, LG Optimus 7Q (Quantum), Samsung Focus and Samsung Omnia 7.

However, we’ll break some cool stats down from a Canadian perspective as we currently have the Rogers Samsung Focus, Bell LG Optimus Quantum, TELUS LG Optimus 7 and the HTC Surround available. The Samsung Focus take home many tops spot categories: biggest screen size, width, lightest device, thinnest device but almost comes in last for battery life (Surround is last place). Other notable finding are the LG Optimus 7 is the tallest device while the LG Optimus Quantum is the thickest and heaviest in Canada.

As for the no-contract prices: The Samsung Focus comes in at the highest at $599.99; the LG Optimus 7 is $499.99, HTC Surround is $449.99 and the LG Optimus Quantum is $449.95.

Via: IntoMobile & ElektricForest


TELUS gave out 14,000 free taxi rides this holiday season

Remember that nice gesture that TELUS gave 7 Canadian cities during the holidays – free taxi rides. The grand total amounted to 14,000 rides across Calgary, Vancouver , Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto and Montreal. There was also free phone calls but no word on how many minutes were used up. TELUS is considering bringing back the initiative next year.

TELUS spokesperson Shawn Hall spoke specifically about the Vancouver area and stated “About 2,000 people took advantage of the free cab ride and the free call on Telus anywhere in North America in the week before Christmas right here in the Lower Mainland, and about 14,000 across Canada.”

Not sure what the average taxi cost was but the bottom line is that it saved Canadians money.

Source: News1130


Samsung 4.5-inch Flexible AMOLED display to be shown at CES

Samsung Mobile Display is getting prepared to showcase a 4.5-inch WVGA Flexible AMOLED display at CES next week. In a press release they state that the display is “Only 2mm thick, the 4.5 inch flexible AMOLED runs at a WVGA 800 x 480 resolution and can be rolled down to a one centimeter radius”. Samsung says gives no date of production as these are still prototypes but are designed specifically for smartphones and tablet PC displays. Other key features of the display has it with a resolution that currently 4 times better than anything out there. Should be pretty cool to see…

Check out the full press release here
Via: BGR


Apple’s App Store to hit 500,000 apps by June 2011?

Another report about apps – but this time is Apple and how they are progressing to possibly hit the half million app mark by mid-2011. Apple confirmed a few weeks ago that they officially have 300,000 apps available for download. says the App Store now has 325,672 available for download with the average price per paid app at $4.04. Looking deeper into the stats shows something more interesting. So far this month there has been a total of 25,421 approved apps to the App Store (978 per day) and this is a slow month due to the holidays. If we forecast this number to June this could see the App Store hit the milestone of 500,000 available apps.

Currently the Android Market officially has 100,000 apps and both Windows Phone 7 and Palm have 5,000 apps each.

Via: iPhoneInCanada


Samsung aims to overtake Nokia and become worldwide leader in 3 years

The largest mobile manufacturers in the world in order of shipping numbers are as follows: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Apple and RIM. However within the next three years its Samsung’s desire to overtake Nokia and become the global leader in the mobile space. A report from the The Korea Times says that “the next 12 months will be pivotal” and they plan on releasing various smartphones and other “premium products”. To accomplish this they have increased manufacturing but no specific numbers were released. At the end of the Q3 Samsung sold 199.5 million phones and in Q4 they currently have sold 71 million devices.

Source: Korea Times
Via: Unwired View


Mobilicity Mobiflip back in stock

Mobilicity Mobiflip was sold out fast – the official statement from Mobilicity was that “the device is as popular than ever – our first two shipments have already sold out and we’re having trouble keeping units in stock”. The good news is that today this device is back in stock and can be yours for $99.99 no-contract (or if you opt for the $50 mail-in-rebate you can get this for $49.99).

Quick specs of the Mobiflip are that it comes with a 3.2-inch display (resolution of 854×480) with a swivel form factor, full QWERTY keyboard with trackball, 3.5mm headphone jack, 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and video capabilities.

More here at Mobilicity