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Video: Android Music Player app gets leaked online

Google is expected to do a complete overhaul of their music player on Android – this is the only app that has basically stayed the same since they launched the platform. Alas, a portion of the new music player has been leaked online and is expected to ship with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). You can see in the video that it’s still an early version and the album artwork is presented similar to you how your pics show up in the gallery (portrait and landscape mode). You can also search by artist or album, up on the top right hand side is quick access to “now playing”. Missing is the feature to wireless sync your music that’s on your computer to your device.

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103 Android apps are downloaded every second

Google’s Android OS is now a dominant player in the mobile space. A recent Gartner Research report stated that they believe Android will come close to being the worldwide mobile OS leader by 2014. However, when it comes to apps, Apple is still king with over 300,000, followed by the Android Market around the 100,000 mark. Then you have the new player Windows Phone 7 and Palm tied with about 5,000 apps each.

Another stat found on Android Market tracker shows a combined total of applications and games over the 200,000 milestone. But even more interesting is the number of apps that are being downloaded per second. According to AndroidLib there is an astonishing 103 apps being downloaded every second (and have crossed over the 2.5 billion mark). These of course are unconfirmed by Google and is a global number but would be great to see this number broken down by country and even by which apps are being downloaded.

Check it here at AndroidLib


Concept: One device that runs multiple operating systems

There has been hundreds of concept devices and some of them are incredibly unique and thought provoking. But what if the manufacturer worked out a deal with various mobile platforms to have a couple available on a single device. Take HTC for example, one of the biggest manufacturers who supports both Android and Windows Phone 7. Imagine if you could easily flip back and forth between OS’s as you wish.

This is a concept that designers Michal Bonikowski and Rafal Pilat created. They state that their concept idea can support 2 or 3 OS’s. Taking a look at the image they created it shows an HTC device with “an extra touch display situated under the main screen… This extra screen could be used either to display notifications or be used for specific OS buttons (e.g. home, search etc.).”

It’s a great idea but unfortunately it’ll never happen in the near future (would be great for the consumer/business person). The competition between mobile OS players such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, BlackBerry, HP/Palm, Nokia is heating up. Manufacturers are not only competing to get their platform in your hands but also their app store. Imagine having several app stores on one device.

Source: Yanko Design


Best Buy Mobile launching referral program… giving out $50

If you fancy purchasing your phone from Best Buy Mobile then most likely you have signed up to be part of their Reward Zone too. We’ve been informed that a referral program is being rolled out soon that could see 50 bucks in your pocket. It’s similar to all the other referral programs out there and once you have purchase your device you’ll then receive an e-mail which you can forwarded to your buddies. If – and only if – your friends purchase a device with your referral then both of you will get a $50 gift card.


Groupon app for BlackBerry now available

Every day Groupon has a featured product for a low discounted price (deals usually last only 1-day). The iPhone app has been available for some time now but new is a BlackBerry app. This can now be downloaded for free and it allows you to buy and redeem your purchases straight from your Berry. When it comes to Canada, the local cities included are Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary.

Check it out here from the BlackBerry App World
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Android OS 2.2 upgrade available again for the Bell Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

On December 17th Samsung notified Galaxy S Vibrant customers that they were “temporarily suspending the upgrade” to Android OS 2.2 as it was causing several problems, including toasting the internal microSD storage. Then on December 23rd an 2.2 upgrade was available for both the TELUS Fascinate and also for Virgin and SaskTel Vibrants. Even though it’s the same device, nowhere on the Samsung site was an upgrade available confirmed for Bell. Alas, today those Bell customers who have been waiting can now comfortably upgrade their Vibrant.

So go get it from Samsung and let us know what’s happening with your device.

Source: Samsung Canada
Via: Engadget


Apple to ship 21 million iPhones in Q1 2011?

Last week DigiTimes reported that in 2011 “Apple’s orders of iPad 2 are expected to top six million units a month”. Now it looks like even more reports from overseas has Apple ready to pump out more iPhones in the first quarter of 2011. The number: a massive 20-21 million units. Of course we won’s see the true results until the quarterly reports have been announced but those are big numbers considering Apple’s Q4 financial report had them selling 14.1 million iPhones. Big increase and the one of the reasons is the upcoming release of a CDMA iPhone.

DigiTimes stated “Apple has raised the global shipment goal for its iPhones for first-quarter 2011 from 19 million units originally to 20-21 million units, according to sources with Taiwan-based component suppliers. The first-quarter shipment goal for WCDMA iPhones has been adjusted from 13 million units to 14-15 million units, the sources said. The shipment goal for CDMA iPhones, which will be launched in North America and Asia Pacific in the first quarter, is set at 5-6 million units, the sources added.”

Source: DigiTimes
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Sony Ericsson “Hallon” pics leaked online

Bert Nordberg, President & CEO of Sony Ericsson, recently stated that “it is our ambition to become the global number one handset provider on the Android platform”. Over the past several weeks the anticipated PlayStation phone got leaked online and now images of the Android-powered “Hallon” has apparently surfaced. This device is rumoured to be announced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February and has curved top (very much looking like the Acer Liquid e), a front-facing camera, possibly running Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread and has a 8-megapixel camera, micro-USB port. No other specs are currently known.

What do you think… will Sony Ericsson’s ambitions of become a dominant Android player come true?
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The slow Reinvention of Virgin Mobile Canada

It was a year ago that Robert Blumenthal, President of Virgin Mobile Canada stated that 2010 will be “a very different Virgin… You’ll see a great expansion in our portfolio and us being able to offer higher-value devices and services. Where we had been traditionally lower down in the marketplace, we’ll be expanding to realize our true potential… Over time, I have a belief that as more people become wireless users and their wireless usage becomes more of a necessity than a luxury … people tend to move up.”

All the above quotes are very true. 2010 did present a “very different Virgin”. These days Virgin Mobile is not the usual sub-brand carrier. They are a bit different than Fido which is owned by Rogers and also different than TELUS’ Koodo Mobile. Virgin has slowly gone through a re-invention, this is mainly due to Bell paying out $142-million to take over the outstanding 50% stake in the brand. To the average consumer you would never know that Virgin is owned by Bell – they really do a great job of covering it up. They are the rebels in Canadian wireless and truly cater to their target audience by offering their members cool contests and events.

Over the years Virgin has won multiple J.D. Power and Associates awards, mainly for “Customer Satisfaction”. No word yet on if they will take any prizes for 2010. When it comes to pricing there’s really nothing special that sets Virgin apart from the other sub-brands. They recently came out with a new pricing model called the “SuperTab” that’s basically a copy of Koodo’s “Tab”. However, handsets are the major difference (and these days handsets are key). Their old CDMA network has almost vanished and offered basic messaging devices that by the time Virgin launched them were outdated. Virgin operates on the Bell HSPA+ network and offers up-to-date handsets: Androids, BlackBerry, iPhone and various messaging devices. On occasion they have had exclusive devices (Samsung Galaxy 550) and in very odd cases they took the opportunity to become the first carrier in North America to release a device, the HTC Legend. Impressive for a sub-brand. Koodo, Fido or even the new entrants Wind and Mobilicity need a selection similar to Virgin to continue to compete.

You might be walking through a mall and notice something different when it comes to how Virgin is presenting themselves. They are in the midst of changing up all their kiosks to look cooler, highlight select devices and showcase their entire lineup of devices. Gone are the days of paper posters as they have been replaced with digital monitors. This is just another way that Virgin is continually evolving in this competitive market.

There is no word on exact subscriber number because everything gets rolled into Bell’s numbers. Looking back on 2010 for Virgin was a pivotal year… in 2011 Virgin Mobile will slowly make an impact and surprise everybody. They are one of the carriers to watch this coming year.


Mobilicity “Unbelievable Holiday Offer” now available until December 31st

Mobilicity came into the holiday season by launching in Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver (Toronto launched back in May). This holiday season is by far the most competitive and Mobilcity came out roaring by creating their “Unbelievable Holiday Offer” that was destined to bring in new customers. There are a couple plans but the most fierce was a all-in $40/month talk, text and data. This is an incredible deal that other new entrant Wind Mobile created the similar offer. The Mobilicity plan was supposed to expire on December 24th – but as expected has now been extended until December 31st. So you still have a few more day to decide who you’re going to go with… here are the details:

$30 per month plan: Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging, Local Calling, Caller I.D. and Mobilicity to Mobilicity Calling. Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3 Way Calling, Province Wide Long Distance and Canadian Long Distance.

$40 per month plan: Unlimited Data, Blackberry Internet Service, Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging, Local Calling, Caller I.D. and Mobilicity to Mobilicity Calling. Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3 Way Calling, Province Wide Long Distance, Canadian Long Distance, U.S. Long Distance, Global Text Messaging. (plus the add-ons)

More here at Mobilicity