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Vidéotron says “The end time is near” (Video)

Vidéotron has been busy with their “La Fin Du Temps Est Proche” (“The end time is near”) campaign. They’ll be launching their new 3G+ network soon and then the battle for Quebec wireless market share will go into high gear. A video surfaced a few days ago that has a President looking man delivering a speech to the people who informs them that “the minutes are counted and the second disappearing before our eyes”.

In addition, a Facebook page has been created that has the following daily quotes in French (we translated into English):

“Pour que le temps s’écoule au rythme qui vous convient et de façon plus excitante, remplacez votre sablier par un moulin à poivre.” – Grégoire Lacroix (“The only time we really lost is going to regret missed opportunities”)

“Le temps viendra où vous croirez que tout est fini. C’est alors que tout commencera.” – Louis l’Amour (“The time will come when you believe everything is finished. Then everything starts”)

‎”Ö temps, suspends ton vol, et vous heures propices, suspendez votre cours.” – Alphonse de Lamartine (“O-time to a halt, and you happy hours, hang your course.”)

It’s pretty interesting to see the new Vidéotron take shape. What monthly plans do you think Vidéotron will come to the table with?

Check out the video after the break and their Facebook page here (more…)


Rumour: Rogers to release BlackBerry Bold 9780 in mid-November?

There was an internal RIM doc that surfaced a few weeks ago that stated the upcoming Bold 9780 (successor to the Bold 9700) was going to be launched in October 2010. According to the Cellular Guru, rumours have this coming to Canada via Rogers sometime in mid-November and that internal device testing has started. No other details are given such as a specific date or pricing.

Specs show this coming in Charcoal and White with the new BlackBerry 6 OS, 2.4-inch display (480×360, full QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera, LED Flash, 512MB of RAM, WiFi, GPS, 624 MHz processor.

Will you be getting this if/when it comes out… Or upgrading your current Bold with the new OS instead?

Source: The Cellular Guru


Video: Windows Phone 7 official teaser ad says “The Revolution is Coming”

With Microsoft launching their new Windows Phone 7 devices in Canada before the end of the year through multiple carriers, here’s a first look at a teaser video that was shown at a recent screening of “Lawrence of Arabia” in the UK. What do you think of it… is the “The Revolution is Coming”?

Via: Pocket-Lint


Image: A very early look at the iPhone 5!*

Dang… the iPhone 5 is looking nice! I mean this “early sketch” has it coming with the ability to play 3D movies, enables time travel, attract UFO’s, make you invisible, predicts the future, changes the past, makes broccoli taste like chocolate, does taxes and your hair. There’s one app on there that gets you out of jail for free (would come in handy to that Apple employee who was recently caught selling trade secrets). The best part of this cartoon is the asterisk that states “Does not contain a phone”.

Source: IntoMobile


Rogers Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro coming “later” this year

Rogers will be releasing the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro soon… no exact date but on Twitter Rogers now says the “device is launching later in year”. The mini pro is similar to the X10 mini that was recently launched, but has a much needed slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 2.5-inch touchscreen QVGA display, from what we hear it will come with OS 2.1 when it officially becomes available, WiFi, Bluetooth, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and video capabilities, GPS, 3.5mm audio jack. The unconfirmed 3-year price point we are hearing now is the same as the mini at $29.99.

Via: Twitter
(Thanks Travis!)


TELUS officially sells out of the HTC Desire

It was expected that the Android-powered HTC Desire would sell out fast. The specs and price points made it one of the most anticipated devices to come to Canada. Also, TELUS has placed “Temporarily out of stock” on the info page… which would now explain why they’re giving out a $50 mail-in rebate for those customers who have to wait.

(Thanks David!)


Mobilicity says the Orange/Silver Sony Ericsson TM506 is “Sold Out”

Mobilicity launched their wireless service in Toronto back in the May with 6 various devices, one of them being the Sony Ericsson TM506. This came in 3 colours: Red, Orange/Silver and Green.

If you check out the site you’ll see Mobilicity proudly showing the TM506 in Orange/Silver is officially “Sold Out”. We reached out to Mobilicity to see how many have actually been sold… but because they are a private company they don’t release subscriber numbers.

We’re sure it’s temporary as they still need to go live in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver by the end of the year.


iOS 4.1 update to be “Available on September 8th”

Apple announced that the update to iOS4.1 will be coming next week. If you take a quick look at the Apple UK site you’ll see it says “Available on September 8th” while other countries show the famous “Coming Soon”. This update is bringing bug fixes, Game Center and camera features such as High Dynamic Range photos (HDR) and the ability to upload HD videos over WiFi.

Source: Apple UK
Via: Engadget


No worries SaskTel customers… the BlackBerry Torch is coming soon

Now that SaskTel is live with their new 3G+ network, better devices are on the way. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Samsung Galaxy Vibrant were just released and they are still in conversations to bring the iPhone on board.

If you’re addicted to BlackBerry and want the latest you’ll be happy to know that SaskTel will also be bringing on the new Torch 9800. There’s no word on a specific date for this touchscreen/QWERTY slider (other carriers are releasing this on September 24th) but on Twitter they confirmed “the Torch is coming soon”.

Source: Twitter


Bell once again attempts to entice people with Palm Pre discounted monthly rate plans

Bell has been trying to get rid of the Palm Pre for months now. They’ve reduced it to the ripe cost of $0.00 on a 3-year or $299.95 outright. In addition, they had offered promo after promo with discounted monthly rate plans… and now dipped even lower. Bell has decided knock another $15 off the monthly price plan to hit a low $35. This is for the Smartphone 50 plan that includes 100 local minutes (plus 100 bonus local minutes), 500 MB of data, Unlimited weekends and evenings, Call Waiting and Conference Calling.

All this goodness for $35 per month. Anyone interested in giving webOS a go now?

More here at Bell
Via: PreCentral