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Air Canada rolling out in-flight WiFi on North American flights in May


Air Canada has been testing Wi-Fi on select flights between Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles with GoGo for a number of months now.

The service is currently available on two A319 planes, but according the latest release the two companies are planning “to begin rolling out connectivity across its North American fleet in May,” which will bring “Air-To-Ground Wi-Fi connectivity” to a number of aircrafts (Airbus A319, A320, A321, Embraer 190, Air Canada Express CRJ-705 and Embraer 175).

The current cost on the A319 is $9.95 USD for connectivity on your laptop or for $7.95 USD for handheld devices on one-way travel. No word on if the pricing will change when the Wi-Fi service goes live next month, but Air Canada noted that “pricing will be competitive with other in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity offerings.” The installation process of in-flight Wi-Fi will start next month with the goal of complete 29 aircrafts by the end of 2014, then aiming for “a targeted completion date of December 2015 for the designated 130 narrow-body aircraft.”

Source: CNW


Robert Downey Jr. says everyone should buy an HTC One M8 or he’ll ‘be possessed with the most foul spirit’


HTC recently hired Hollywood heavyweight Robert Downey Jr. to “help shape the creative direction” of its product lineup. The contract is a 2-year marketing agreement worth $12 million and ensures Downey Jr. has the “final say over creative elements.” The first ad campaign was with the HTC One and saw ‘Here’s To Change’ come to life by bringing meaning to the individual letters of HTC.

Next up is the HTC One M8 and since Downey has final say, the minute-long video below is what they’ve come out with. Packed inside are a number of stats, English accents and that he demands everyone in the world all get the HTC One M8 or he’ll “be possessed with the most foul spirit.” (more…)


Bell lays out plan to shutter its CDMA network by January 1st, 2017


Following TELUS, Bell will begin shutting down its CDMA network.

According to an internal doc we received, Bell’s plan is to start shutting down its CDMA EVDO network in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador & Prince Edward Island effective July 1st, 2015. Bell also notes that its CDMA 1xRTT network will see the same shutdown date of July 1st in British Columbia (excluding Fort Nelson), Alberta, and parts of Quebec.

There is no word on how many CDMA customers Bell currently has on its CDMA network, but a couple of years back during an interview a spokesperson noted there were over over 2 million active CDMA subs. That number has surely declined precipitously since then, but there are likely several thousand still running on the older technology.

January 1st, 2017 is the selected date when Bell is aiming to shut down all of its CDMA sites. Over the next couple of years, customers will be transitioned off CDMA and onto Bell’s faster HSPA/LTE networks.

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HTC One M8 launch pushed back to April 15th


This is interesting. Many carriers have already started selling the HTC One M8 through “pre-sales.” Customers on the launch partners (Rogers, Bell, Telus, Wind Mobile and SaskTel) are able to score the flagship early and have it delivered to their door before the anticipated April 10th launch date.

However, in-store availability could be delayed a few days. According to this internal doc from Bell it states that inventory should arrive “towards the end of this week” and that “once inventory is received, Sales Consultants can start selling. Also, note, the launch date has been moved to April 15, 2014.” (more…)


iOS highlight Walking Dead: Season One comes to Android

Screenshot 2014-04-08 16.35.51

Telltale’s Walking Dead: The Game Season 1 has finally come to Android.

The winner of Apple’s 2012 Game of the Year has been ported to Android phones and tablets, though the system requirements are fairly steep. The episodic adventure game received critical acclaim for its graphics, storytelling, gameplay and voice acting, and immerses players in Robert Kirkman’s seemingly never-ending Walking Dead universe.

The zombie apocalypse is the backdrop for the story, but it’s the characters that make the game so interesting. Sold as a freemium title, the first episode is offered as a taste, with episode 2-5 and bonus title 400 Days available for $14.99 as an in-app purchase.

Telltale doesn’t mince words when it comes to hardware requirements. The team collaborated with Nvidia to bring Shield controller compatibility to the game, and the title is optimized for Tegra 4 hardware. Still, it works great on Adreno 300-series GPUs, so most flagships sold in the last year should be fine.  (more…)


Distiller’s whisky guide arrives on Android


I like scotch, but heaven help me if asked to identify the “dark honey, cereal, citrus, and vanilla” notes in a bottle of Dalmore 12.

That’s why apps like Distiller, available today for Android after a brief exclusivity period on iOS, are useful. The app has a wide range of whiskys from all over the world, though its more extensive section is for scotch, and pairs pricing, tasting notes and reviews in an easy-to-follow flow.



Songza for Android is getting a big upgrade, and you can try it early


There are few apps on Android more in need of a design overhaul than free music streaming service, Songza. Though the app has added Chromecast support and fixed a number of bugs in recent months, the core user experience is very much aligned with how apps were expected to function in the Ice Cream Sandwich era.

With the introduction of updated design guidelines in Android 4.1 and beyond, most new apps have done away with the drop-down Action Bar in favour of a persistent top bar or, more common, a “hamburger” menu that exposes menu elements from the left side.



Javelin Browser is a great Android browser designed for KitKat


There is no shortage of great Android browsers, from the AOSP project (Chromium), Google itself (Chrome and Chrome beta), to Mozilla (Firefox), Opera, Dolphin and many, many others.

Javelin Browser is a relatively new entry into this crowded market, differentiating itself with a unique UI and a gesture-friendly UX. Built on top of the open-sourced WebKit-based Lightning Browser, Javelin renders extremely quickly and scrolls smoothly, two prerequisites for a great browser on the platform. But it’s got a few more tricks up its sleeve: it’s KitKat-optimized, so the navigation elements are either hidden or made translucent, allowing for fullscreen usage on devices with virtual menu buttons like the Nexus 5 and HTC One M8.



Adobe launches Lightroom for iPad, requires Creative Cloud subscription

Screenshot 2014-04-08 09.37.58

Adobe is becoming quite the nimble services company, bundling its top-selling products into a single $9.99/month subscription called Creative Cloud. Those who choose to spend the money for access to cloud-optimized versions of photo-editing powerhouse Lightroom and jack-of-all-trades Photoshop CC (the CC is for “Creative Cloud” edition, get it?) now have another tool at their disposal.

Lightroom for iPad is not exactly a paired-down version of Lightroom 5 for OS X or Windows; it doesn’t pretend to be the final step in your workflow. Instead, it’s a way to synchronize photos and editing metadata between the two platforms, so one can start, or continue, edits that will be finished on the bigger screen. More of a companion app than a fully-fledged photo editor, Lightroom does have plenty of capacity for doing good, solid editing work. (more…)


HTC One ‘M8 Ace’ leaks online, shows itself in red


HTC is prepping for the launch of the HTC One M8, a follow-up to the well-build HTC One from last year. Rogers, Bell, Telus, Wind Mobile and SaskTel will be releasing this flagship in a few days and many have already received the device early through the “pre-sale” program.

Shortly after HTC announced the M8 there were rumours of the company making a mini version called the HTC One M8 mini. This is a similar track the the One too with the HTC One mini with its scaled down specs. Today, reputable device leaker @evleaks has revealed a device called the HTC One “M8 Ace.” It’s not known exactly what this is… possibly the mini version of the flagship, but could simply be a new colour option for the M8. A few weeks ago HTCSource posted a report that in addition to the Gunmetal Grey, Amber Gold and Glacial Silver, HTC would also see a red variant for the device.

Until more info on this comes forward we can gander at the above image.
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Source: @evleaks
Via: HTCSource
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