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Bell iPhone 3GS 32GB in Black almost available for $0.00

If only pricing errors on websites actually meant something. If you check out the Bell website it shows listed the Black iPhone 3GS 32GB model available for the stellar price of $0.00. Probably the best deal around these days… unfortunately when you check out it goes back to the price of $149.96 on a 3-year.


Rumour: iPhone 4 Canadian launch date is August 2nd?

** Update: Since posting this story we realized that August 2nd is a Canadian holiday. So we completely acknowledge the fact that the date could be incorrect because who would release a device on a holiday?  Our reliable tipster has supplied us with many pre-release dates and internal screenshots in the past. With that said


Palm officially becomes part of HP

It’s now official: The $1.2 billion deal is done and Palm becomes part of HP. It’ll be interesting to see where webOS lands in the future, probably on computers, tablets and printers. In a post on the company blog titled “A New Day” Palm CEO Jon Zilber said “please join us on the journey to


Easy way to solve the iPhone 4 from slipping out of your hand

This could possibly be the easiest way to protect your new iPhone 4 from slipping out of your hand and crashing to floor. Instead of buying the Apple “Bumper” for protection, simply get out your old rubber bracelet (like the Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG bracelet) and wrap it around the device. Easy, cheap and effective.

TAXIGUY and Molson team up and launch free taxi App

Here’s a useful app that’s perfect for heading into Canada Day. TAXIGUY & Molson Coors have teamed up to offer smartphone users a free app that connects you to your local cab company (17,500 cabs across Canada). The app is available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices and once you download it all you have


Videotron says “New 3G+ Network is Coming Soon”

Videotron was supposed to launch their new wireless network in May, then it was unfortunately delayed until the end of the year, or at the earliest this Fall. Today it seems that they’re looking to create a bit of hype and get people excited. They state on their website that “Our new 3G+ Network is


Fido releases the Nokia 2220 at $65 no contract

There’s a phone for everyone out there. Hence why Fido has released the Nokia 2220. This is almost free on a no-contract basis at $65. If you don’t have the dough you can always opt for the 2-year contract and pay $0.00. Specs are that it’s a slider that has a 1.8-inch display (resolution of