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XM app for Android “will be available later this summer”

XM Canada recently released an app for called XM online+ for the iPhone and BlackBerry and iPhone. This app gives you access to the all the music, talk, sports and entertainment shows on XM and will cost $7.99 per month or $2.99 a month when bundled it with a XM Canada subscription. They do have


Opera Mini 5.1 for Android officially released

Opera has officially released Opera Mini 5.1 for Android smartphones. They stated in a press release that it’s lightning fast and highly suggest you make it your default mobile browser. Some of the new features with this update are that it brings better kinetic scrolling, auto-saves your browsing sessions but unfortunately does not support Flash.

Video: RIM releases another look at the upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS

RIM is scheduling the release of their new BlackBerry 6 for sometime this Summer. They have gracefully released another sneak peek into how the OS will work. It’s looks promising and we’ve seen many leaks of this over the past few weeks. However, it’s always good to get an “official” video. Check it out here…


Video: Upcoming BlackBerry WebKit Browser in action

This is what RIM has been working on for a long time and what BlackBerry fans have asked for. Check out the video below of the new WebKit browser in action. Big improvements from it’s current state which will make the BlackBerry a greater experience with pinch and zoom, tabbed browsing and pages render complete


Text the TTC for the next streetcar!

Another TTC story for you this morning… but this one has already available. If you plan on taking the TTC streetcar you can now receive text messages when the next streetcar will arrive at your stop. There are over 600 stops that are outfitted with a unique stop number. All you have to do is


Toronto subway cell service to be available mid-2012?

For those who take the subway in Toronto might be in luck as the TTC has started a bidding process to set up an underground cell network. It was actually started a couple years back but was pushed to the side for other priority projects. So far the list of potential winners are Bell Mobility,


The iPhone 4 is so hot it catches on fire!

Here’s how this story goes. After an AT&T customer connected his new iPhone 4 to his home computer via the Apple USB. It then apparently caught fire! You can see the pic below of the charred iPhone 4. He went back to the store and asked and received a brand new device. It’s been confirmed


Virgin gives $6k credit and still loses customer

Remember a couple days ago that Calgary-resident named Jason Boutang who went on vacation in France, turned on his iPhone’s roaming and racked up a $8k bill by using a translator app and streaming live radio. Boutang said “Eight grand is pretty much extortion, it’s unjustifiable.” I guess it actually does pay to become a