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Video: Banned iPhone 4 promo video

A spoof of the iPhone 4 promo video has surfaced which is pretty funny. Apple execs have all be renamed and Actors “Jonny Five”, “Ronny Pang”, “Rob Mansfeld”, “Gregg Joswack” and “Phil Schillz” all show you how the new “FaceTime” is changing everything again, specifically phone sex. “We’re bringing video calling to the world. We


Confirmed: Koodo Mobile to launch Samsung T356

Over the weekend we posted some upcoming info about Koodo hopping over to a HSPA network (Since they are owned by TELUS they will be using their network). We were originally informed it would happen around the 15th but now it seems sometime near the end of the month. Also, we let you know that


Video challenge: Super AMOLED vs AMOLED vs LCD

The screen quality on your mobile device is so important. It makes the experience, especially when you’re using it outdoors in the sun. The videos below were shot in Greece and compared 3 devices with 3 different screens in direct sunlight: the Samsung Galaxy S which has a 4-inch display Super AMOLED with a resolution


Apple to open 5 more retail locations across Canada

Apple has 15 locations across Canada and they are looking to open 5 more within the year. One in Quebec, BC, Ontario and two in Alberta. This could be perfect timing to get an unlocked iPhone 4. No word on when the grand openings are but they’re hiring for retail position now.

TELUS to release Nexus One with promo offer?

Update: It seems after reading the comments below the Nexus One has been in the TELUS system for sometime. One comment sums it the promo offer as “It means that if a customer wants to activate their own Nexus One they purchased from Google on a 3yr, Telus will give them a $150 bill credit.”


TELUS bumps up refreshed iPhone 3G to $9 on 3-year

It was only a few days ago that all the carriers reduced the 3-year contract prices for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. TELUS was first to do this and it now seems they have also bumped up the price on the “refreshed” iPhone 3G. It used to be at the rock bottom price of $0.00


Android-powered LG Aloha coming to Canada in July?

Like Android? Like LG? Like an Android slider with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor? Well, we’ve been tipped for the 3rd time over the last month that the LG Aloha is coming to Canada. No word prices or an exact launch date but what we’re hearing is sometime in July with either Bell or TELUS.


WIND currently testing an Android device, launching soon

WIND held a “Twitterview” today with VP of Core Network, Ante Rupcic. We were following the Tweets and a few people asked when an Android device will be available on WIND. Rupcic stated “Soon. I’m testing one right now actually. So far so good.” There’s been talk about WIND bringing on a Motorola device, possibly