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Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth Speaker

One of the best “little” speakers in the world, the Ultimate Ears Boom produces some incredible sound for its $229.99 price. With built-in volume controls, a robust water-resistant body and microUSB charging, the UE Boom speaker is tiny but powerful. It’s easy to pair with a compatible Bluetooth handset or tablet and comes in a


ChargeCard for Micro USB Review

ChargeCard is the brainchild of California-based Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller, a product that attempts to fine a balance between the versatility of a regular USB charger and the portability of something that fits in your wallet. Funded on Kickstarter, the ChargeCard project raised more than three times its $50,000 goal, catching the dual wave



Mophie juice pack for HTC One Review

For a long time, Mophie made its name from iPhone accessories. The juice pack and its subsequent variations have become essential tools for many smartphone users looking to extend the uptime of their devices. This is especially true when speaking of devices that do not have removable batteries. The HTC One resembles the iPhone in many


Phiaton PS 20 Noise Cancelling Earphones Review

I’ve been holding off writing this review for a while. See, I wanted to test this product in the most challenging conditions; I wanted the conditions to be ideal. Noise cancelling headphones are best when paired with noise. Rather, they are the most effective when paired with a certain kind of noise, the drone of


Cygnett UrbanShield and Workmate Cases for iPhone 5 Review

It’s new phone season for many of us, and with the recent release of the iPhone 5, many users are clambering to purchase the right case to suit their personality or their proclivity for clumsiness. As we’ve heard, the iPhone 5 is particularly vulnerable to scratches and dents on its aluminum frame, so it should


Cygnett Apollo Hybrid Case Review for Samsung Galaxy S III

The perfect case would be thin, light, protective, and comfortable to hold. It would be made of material that wouldn’t scratch or break; it would allow access to all the major ports; and it would complement the design of the phone. Case manufacturers have been endeavouring to find that perfect balance for years, and with


myCharge 2012 Rechargeable Battery Pack Line Preview (Video)

myCharge has forged itself a nice little niche market with its portable battery pack line for smartphones. Reinvigorated with a new colour scheme, the brand focuses on what people want most — device uptime — across multiple price points. The line consists of five products, with a price range of $39.99 to $109.99 depending on


Sena Cases Magnetic Florence & Florence Portfolio (iPad case review)

Sena Cases has always focused on premium leather products for business professionals, and their latest products for the new iPad, Magnetic Florence and Florence Portfolio, are two such examples. Manufactured out of Italian leather, the cases are great examples of how the iPad is being incorporated into everyday life. Both cases are available in multiple colours, notably