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Android 4.4.2 rolling out to Nexus devices (Update)

We’re getting reports that only days after receiving Android 4.4.1, various Nexus devices, including the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, are receiving another update to Android 4.4.2, build number KOT49H. While there’s no word on what has been updated this time around around — the generic update blurb is the same as the former one, indicating



Samsung Galaxy J tests the waters for a metal-clad Galaxy S5

The newly-announced Galaxy J is a metal smartphone from Samsung. A metal smartphone. From Samsung. The company has been long-rumoured to ditch its Hyperglaze plastic legacy in favour of a more streamlined (read: higher-quality) metal construction for its next-generation flagship, and the Galaxy J, announced for Japan and Taiwan, is a good indicator of that



Bell and Virgin release the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Red

Bell and Virgin Mobile have launched a new colour of the Samsung Galaxy S4, now in Aurora Red. This festive colour joins the Black Mist and White Frost models that have been available since the flagship Android was released back in May. The specs are the same, just a new coating, and comes with a



Samsung to debut two new Note 3 colours in early 2014 (Updated)

Like many Galaxies before it, Samsung is set to introduce new colours to its top-of-the-line Note 3 product in early 2014. According to uploaded assets from Samsung Argentina’s webpage, the company will announce the Note 3 in red, a colour we’re familiar with, and, a few weeks later, Rose Gold, a brand new combination of



Rumours of Samsung Galaxy S5 specs and release date hit the web

Are you ready for some Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours? According to an overseas report from ETNews, Samsung is pushing to unveil the next generation of its successful Galaxy lineup with the Galaxy S5 sometime in March or April, which is a few months ahead of the May release of the GS4. Apparently the company will