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Speck CandyShell cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 (video)

Every time a new flagship smartphone is released, accessory manufacturers scramble to release cases that match the personality of each potential user. Speck is a California-based company with a good track record for meeting in the middle of quality and value, and we got to take a look at its CandyShell line for the Samsung Galaxy



Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S is a giant GS5, dimpled backing and all

Samsung is nothing if not predictable. As in previous years, the company is set to adapt the design of its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, to its flagship tablet, the upcoming Galaxy Tab S. The rear of the 10.5-inch device looks to be modelled on the dimpled backing of the Galaxy S5; previous Galaxy



Samsung Galaxy Tab S to feature super high-res AMOLED display, fingerprint sensor

Samsung’s soon-to-be-announced Galaxy Tab S series will reportedly be the first to feature a 2560×1600 pixel AMOLED display and fingerprint sensor. According to SamMobile, Samsung is poised to announce four variants of the Galaxy Tab S: WiFi and LTE, in 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch versions. AMOLED screens are traditionally saved for smartphones, since manufacturing costs have traditionally overshadowed



Love LeBron? There’s a Samsung app for that

LeBron James is paid to say nice things about Samsung. And in return, Samsung gets to use the NBA all-star’s many personas in their marketing materials. The company has just released a Samsung-exclusive app called LeBron that follows his life, his games, his style and his, um, food. Compatible with the Galaxy S5, S4, S3,


Galaxy K zoom_Charcoal Black_10

Samsung launches Galaxy K Zoom with Android 4.4 and 10x optical lens

The Galaxy machine keeps churning out smartphones, and Samsung’s latest is a doozy: a 4.8-inch 72op display, a hexacore processor and a 20MP rear camera with a 10x optical zoom lens. The Galaxy K Zoom is the followup to the Galaxy S4 Zoom from last year, and this year’s model looks and feels a whole lot



High-end Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime rumoured to launch in June

Asia Today states the ‘premium’ version of the GS5 will have 5.1-inch QHD (2560×1440) display and “is currently in the development stage.” Earlier reports indicated that Samsung will have an octa-core Exynos 5430 processor with the design of the “phone will basically have just a metallic back plate while being constructed of metal on the



Google, Samsung and the fight for the microSD slot

It’s no accident that no Nexus devices since the Nexus One have included microSD cards. Google has been slowly chipping away at the usefulness (and viability) of using external storage within Android, both as a means to increase security, and a way to improve user experience. With the two latest and great Android devices in



Samsung says the next Galaxy Note will have a ‘new form factor’

The Samsung Galaxy Note helped define the ‘phablet’ and officially launched in Canada on February 14th, 2011. We’ve since seen the Note evolve and include more specs and features, namely to its design and integration with the S Pen. This year, according to a Samsung exec, will be no different. In an interview with Reuters,