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Samsung Exynos chipset

Samsung teases Exynos processor announcement on Twitter

A sign of corporate communications in the 21st century, Samsung took the Twitter account for its Exynos line of processors (yes, processors have Twitter accounts now) to tease “something new and exciting” coming tomorrow. Samsung’s ARM-based System on a Chip (SoC), the Exynos line has powered everything from the company’s Galaxy smartphone line to Google’s



LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live review: Android Weary

The first time I realized the triage potential of a smartwatch, I was walking home from the grocery store with two bags in each arm, and a wrist vibrating because three separate family members were trying to get in touch at the same time. It was a small thing, to alleviate that anxiety, but it


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Samsung Galaxy F pictured, shows metal body and large display

Many enthusiasts and analysts were disappointed when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5, mainly because its design was so similar to previous flagship smartphones. The majority of the 5.1-incher is made of plastic and outfitted with a soft plastic backing. Even though the company successfully sold over 11 million units in its first month, Samsung is in



Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and Android Wear hands-on (video)

The other two Android Wear personalities — less expressive and a little more subdued — on display at Google I/O this week were Samsung’s newly-announced Gear Live and LG’s previously announced G Watch. We had a chance to play with both for a brief time, and came away impressed with the G Watch’s compactness —