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BlackBerry lays off 120 employees in Waterloo

BlackBerry has been on an upward trajectory over the past few months, but news today brings back lingering issues of the Waterloo-based company. According to a report in the CBC, BlackBerry has laid off 120 employees in Waterloo. Apparently the people worked out of the BlackBerry 2 building, which was recently sold to the University


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Unreleased and scrapped BlackBerry ‘Kopi’ leaks online

These images are what is said to be an unreleased BlackBerry 10 device. The internal code name of this gem was known as the “Kopi” and when John Chen, BlackBerry’s new CEO, took over he decided to scrap this from its lineup and release the Z3 with Foxconn. This isn’t the first time the Kopi



BlackBerry’s CEO says they have a 50% chance of succeeding

BlackBerry’s newest CEO is honest — possibly too honest. While the company is forging ahead and blazing a revitalized path that is focused on serving the enterprise user, John Chen stated in an interview with the Financial Times that the Waterloo-based company has a 50% chance of succeeding. Or, taken another way, a 50% chance



Legacy BlackBerry users reporting major network outage (Update)

BlackBerry is dealing with a major outage of its BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) network this morning, with users reportedly affected since 8am EST. The company has not yet acknowledged the issue, which seems to be limited to legacy devices running software from before BlackBerry 10. The new OS does not compress all of its traffic



BlackBerry is ‘not ready’ to release another tablet

In a statement that will surely be misinterpreted by 80% of the tech press, BlackBerry VP of Global Product Management Francois Mahieu told Pocket-lint at MWC that the company was open to the idea of producing a successor to the maligned PlayBook tablet. To ensure there’s no confusion, I’ve reprinted Mahieu’s words in their entirety



BlackBerry in talks to make BBM a payment platform

BlackBerry has had a busy day, with CEO John Chen introducing two new phones, announcing a new unified BES platform, and introducing eBBM, a suite of enterprise-ready messaging tools. But the company isn’t finished with its nuggets of news. In an interview with Re/code, BlackBerry’s head of enterprise, John Sims, said the BBM team is