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Palm Treo 680 Review

Rogers Wireless holds the rights for the Palm Treo 680. This is an easy to use and basic smartphone. Palm’s operating system is the easiest way to manage yourlife with a phone. Comes in 2 colours gray and silver. Features a 312MHz Intel processor, 320 x 320 pixel display and EDGE modem and the best


Palm Treo 700wx Review

The Palm Treo 700wx comes to the Canadian market with some much needed improvements and much needed upgrades such as the 64MB of RAM (up from the 32MB in the 700w). Fueled by fast EV-DO speeds, this model is like all Treos – large and weighs a hefty 6.4 ounces. Available through Bell Mobility and


Palm Treo 700p Review

The Palm Treo 700p is available at Bell Mobility and Telus. This is a PalmOS powered devices with QWERTY keyboard. The Treo 700p is almost identical and maintains the basic shape of the 600 and 650. The 700p is still being driven by the 312 MHz processor and the 320 x 320 display is far