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LG set to bring webOS back to life at CES 2014

CES 2014 will be bringing new technology to life, but will also bring one back from the dead. webOS was hailed as Palm’s comeback play back in 2009, but failed to get mass adoption and later sold the farm to HP for $1.2 billion. HP then sold the mobile operating system, which had some unique


Contest: Win a Rogers Palm Pre 2 Prize Pack

The Palm Pre 2 launched today on Rogers and let’s give one away! This little beast comes packed with a 1 GHz processor, runs of the incredibly smooth webOS 2.0 (now with “Just Search”, “Stacks”, “HP Synergy” and the new “Exhibition” feature), 3.1-inch touchscreen display with a full physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 16GB of storage,


Rogers Palm Pre 2 images surface

Last week HP officially announced that the Palm Pre 2 was coming to Canada “in the coming months”, but gave no insight into which carrier was going to carry the device. Then hidden in the source code on the Palm Canada site was “The Palm Pre2 phone is available on the Rodger’s network”. We can


Palm Pre 2 will be “available on the Rodger’s network”

With HP officially announcing the new Palm Pre 2 yesterday they stated that it will be available in Canada “in the coming months”. Other carriers were announced such as Verizon in the United States and even SFR in France will be the first to launch this on Friday. No Canadian carrier was listed. However, if


HP says new webOS phones “coming early next year”

When HP rescued Palm and purchased them for $1.2 billion they got the rights for their new webOS platform. HP announced today that they will be releasing new smartphones in early 2011 that will be powered by webOS. Senior Vice President Eric Cador was at a conference in Barcelona and stated “You will see us


webOS 2.0 coming “later this year”

Us Canadians who have the Palm Pre recently got a new upgrade to webOS 1.4.5… good news today as head of HP’s Palm division (formally Palm CEO) Jon Rubinstein said at Fortune Brainstorm Tech that webOS 2.0 is expected to come out “later this year”. No exact details were given on what it will look


Palm: “next year very exciting” with new devices

The Palm Pre is the only device that has graced our great land and it’s available for about $300 no-contract. Pretty good deal for a device that has the new webOS platform. We’re hearing mixed rumours of this selling well vs. not selling well in Canada, no exact numbers are released. However, if you’re a


HP buys Palm for $1.2 billion

After a few weeks of rumours a press release went out that officially stated that “HP and Palm, Inc. today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which HP will purchase Palm, a provider of smartphones powered by the Palm webOS mobile operating system, at a price of $5.70 per share of