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Nexus 5 now available at WIND Mobile

WIND Mobile customers who’ve been itching to grab hold of the LG Nexus 5 will want to mark tomorrow off on their calendar. We’ve been informed that the purest of all Android devices is officially launching tomorrow (November 14th). This is the 16GB version and black will be the only colour option. Here’s the pricing


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PSA: Nexus 5 voicemail notifications don’t show up until a device reboot

We’ve received a few pings from users expressing frustration about an issue with the Nexus 5′s voicemail notifications — or lack thereof. We looked into this and confirmed that the Nexus 5 does not show voicemail notifications — specifically, the icon in the notification centre after someone has left a message — until the device



Just how flexible is the LG G Flex? (Video)

LG’s G Flex is arguably the more interesting of the two newly-announced curved smartphones, the latter being the Galaxy Round from Samsung. Unlike the Round, the G Flex has a top-to-bottom design that works to make it slightly more compact and less prone to breaks. The self-healing back cover should also help deter scratches over



Nexus 5 now available at several Canadian carriers

As expected, the Nexus 5 has officially launched at several Canadian carriers. So far TELUS, Bell, Fido, Rogers, SaskTel, WIND, Koodo, Virgin and Quebec-regional carrier Videotron have started to take online orders.


Confirmed: TELUS to release the Nexus 5 on November 8th

As expected, TELUS — and probably all the other Canadian carriers — will release the Nexus 5 on November 8th. Only the 16GB version in black will be available to consumers, and will cost $99 on a 2-year term, or $500 outright. Check out our hands-on of the Nexus 5 here. (Thanks tipster!)


Video: This is what the inside of the Nexus 5 looks like

If seeing the innards of the latest smartphone is your thing then iFixit has ripped open the Nexus 5. The company has posted a 15-step process of how to take apart the Nexus 5 – stating that it’s relatively easy as most of the device is held together by plastic clips. The most challenging part


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Canadian carriers start receiving Nexus 5 inventory

The Nexus 5 has started to arrive at Canadian carrier retail stores. This should be available on November 8th — as previously reported the 16GB version will cost about $100 on a 2-year or $500 outright. In addition, the initial stock will come with a sticker on the box that will ask you to do



Rogers to sell the Nexus 5 for $100 on a 2-year

As expected, the Nexus 5 became available last week on Google Play for as low as $349. Several Canadian carriers have already confirmed plans to launch this LTE-enabled Nexus on their lineup, including Rogers, Fido, Bell, Virgin, Koodo, TELUS, WIND and Videotron. We previously revealed that the carrier no-term pricing will be above what Google Play