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Android 4.4.3 beginning its Nexus rollout today

Small security update Android 4.4.3 is beginning to roll out for Nexus devices today, including the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013. While it’s understood that Google will launch a new Android version at I/O on June 25th, the company is fixing some important bugs in the meantime. Build KTU84M, which has been in testing for



Hands-on with the LG G3, coming soon to Canada (video)

The LG G3 is real, and it is very impressive. The device was announced today simultaneously in New York City, London and Seoul, and while specific Canadian availability is not yet available, it will almost certainly come to multiple carriers in the country. The 5.5-inch device bears a close resemblance to its predecessor, but it’s



LG unloads 3 new videos promoting the upcoming G3

Ready for another dose of the LG G3? Prepping for the big show on May 27th, LG has released three new videos that highlight the camera, QHD display (resolution of 1440 x 2560), and the overall design. The videos are all under 17 second and the promo that plugs the design shows the G3 possibly



LG unveils the QuickCircle case for the G3

LG will be holding a media event on May 27th in New York to unveil the G3. This has been heavily leaked online and proves to be another powerful flagship. The QuickCircle case for the G3 was announced today and clearly LG wants you to do the most popular things faster. This is similar to



Full specs of the LG G3 revealed

Can’t wait for LG to officially unveil all the specs of the G3 on May 27th? Today, good news has come your way. While the device has leaked-a-plenty online, some specs were still omitted. During a “secret” meeting in Korea with retailers a number of slides have found its way onto the web that shows



LG G Flex 2 tipped for a mid-Q1 2015 release

The LG G Flex was the world’s first curved smartphone and was “designed to follow the curve of the human face.” The slight curve goes from top to bottom and came with a feature that LG coined as “self-healing” with a back cover that helps deter scratches. There is no word from LG on how


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LG G3 shows its black, white and gold in leaked press renders

We’re going to be treated to the launch of the LG G3 in the coming weeks — May 27th to be exact — but in the meantime, the device has been leaking left, right and internet. Today, PhoneArena is the source of the latest leaks, a trio of press renders for the black, white and gold variants