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LG unveils 6-inch G Flex smartphone with a top-to-bottom curved display

LG has officially unveiled its oft-rumoured curved G Flex smartphone. The 6-inch handset was leaked online a few times and the company states that this is its “first curved smartphone.” The G Flex comes with a 6-inch 720p OLED display, with the curve aligning vertically, from top to bottom, not left to right like Samsung’s



Another Nexus 5 press image arrives online

The unannounced Nexus 5 should become official any day now. We’ve seen the device leak in both pictures and videos, plus last week a couple press renderings surfaced online. Courtesy of reputable device leaker evLeaks, a new pic of the purest Android has hit the web and takes form of another press image - strikingly similar to



Curved LG Flex smartphones leaks online, shows back control buttons

LG is coming out with a curved 6-inch OLED smartphone called the “Flex.” While the company was aiming for an official unveiling of the unique device in November, Argentinian TV station Telefenoticias has shown it in all its glory – both in pictures and videos. Journalist Federico Ini also forwarded some images to The Verge



Real or Fake: Nexus 5 retail packaging leaks online

Leak after leak seem to confirm the impending release of the Nexus 5; this time it’s the retail packaging for the upcoming LG-made smartphone. The box, which was leaked by, has already been pulled, shows the Nexus 5 decked out in a similar styling to the official press image that Google accidentally posted yesterday.



LG G2 now available at Videotron and WIND Mobile

As expected, the LG’s flagship G2 has finally made its way to both WIND Mobile and Videotron’s 4G network today. Videotron has the G2 priced as low as $149.95 on a ‘reduced price’ with a $69.95/plan on a 2-year, or $599.95 outright. WIND’s pricing is set at $349 with a $40/month plan and upward to



From Russia, with leak: Nexus 5 shows up in clearest images yet

Google’s collaboration with LG may bear fruit yet again today, as the Nexus 5 is rumoured to launch without the same fanfare as previous years. One needs only look at the increased frequency, and quality, of leaks in recent days to confirm its imminent announcement. The latest set of photos come from Russian social network,



Curved LG ‘G Flex’ smartphone leaks online

The race to claim curved smartphone display dominance has already started; it’s currently between Samsung and LG. Late last week, both manufacturers revealed plans or launched its first foray into the next phase of smartphones: Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Round and LG confirmed its plans to make a curved display available in November. Tonight, press images of



Another round of Nexus 5 images leak online

The rumours are certainly pointing towards Google announcing the Nexus 5 on October 15th and to add to excitement another round of pictures have surfaced online. This time, straight out of Italy from Android-focussed site TuttoAndroid, shows the Nexus 5 along with what could be a new NFC-based payment system called “Tap and Pay.” There’s



New Nexus 5 info verifies specs and posits two battery sizes

As October bears down on the Northern Hemisphere with increasingly frigid temperatures, Google once again prepares to release a Nexus device. The rumoured Nexus 5, of which we’ve seen every type of leak ranging from official videos to leaked bar photos to an LG service manual, will likely be released before the end of the