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iOS 7 Review

A translucent menu smoothly animates over the flat white app window, revealing glimpses of the content behind it. A quick horizontal gesture reveals the previous screen, text transitioning from one word to another. Apps update in the background, at intervals optimized not to deplete the battery. Folders expand as apps are added, paging indefinitely to



Update: Where to buy an iPhone 5C and 5S in Canada

Update (Saturday, September 21st): Apple has updated their site to show all versions and colours of the iPhone 5s with a shipping date of “October.” Best thing to do is call your local Apple store, retail outlet, or carrier to see if there’s stock. The countdown is on. Below is a complete – and growing



TELUS to unveil T-UP! iPhone 5s trade-in program

TELUS is set to unveil a new program called T-UP! that purports to make it easier and more economical to get a new phone every year. Though on the surface it appears to be similar to promotions by T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in the U.S., T-UP! has one fundamental difference: it is (currently) limited


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Update: Lineups for Apple’s new iPhones have started in Canada

We’re only hours away from the new iPhone 5c and 5s becoming available in Canada, but lineups have already started forming. Above is a pic outside the Toronto Apple Store in the Eaton Centre – which officially will open its doors at 8:00am EST. Let us know if there’s lineups anywhere else in Canada via



iOS 7 now available for download

After announcing iOS 7 back in June, Apple has successfully completed 6 beta versions and have now pushed out the anticipated upgrade to for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 7 brings a complete redesign with a fresh colour palette, new icons, a flatter UI design, the addition of the Control Centrer, a new