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Apple acquires TestFlight owner, Burstly, shutting down Android support

Apple has acquired Burstly, the parent company of popular mobile app testing platform, TestFlight, for an undisclosed sum. The company announced this week that it was shutting down support for its Android app in late March, and it would be discontinuing signups for new clients, including those on iOS; existing TestFlight subscribers will continue to



Apple enables two-step authentication for Canadian iDevices

After nearly a year of availability in the US and select European countries, Apple has enabled on two-factor authentication in Canada. With database infiltration and password hacking becoming a regular occurrence, two-step verification is increasingly important. The idea behind two-factor authentication is simple: in addition to a traditional password, users need a physical object, in this



Apple: ’82% of devices are using iOS 7′

Slowly but surely the pie chart is getting filled up with iOS 7. In its latest developer update, Apple is now showing that “82% of devices are using iOS 7.” As for the release of iOS 7.1, this is expected to become available sometime next month. Developers were just seeded iOS 7.1 beta 5. Source:



Apple iOS 7.1 rumoured to be released next month

Apple released the completely redesigned iOS 7 back in September and, based on visits to the App Store, the latest stats show its adoption rate at 80%. There have been several minor updates to iOS 7, mainly small patch and security fixes, but the rumours circling the internet are that iOS 7.1 will be arriving



Apple’s Tim Cook confirms ‘there will be new categories’ this year

The iPhone is old news. The iPad? Pfft. If you’d take Apple’s share price as the state of the company’s health, it’s trending down. Despite a quarter of record revenue and huge profit, Apple’s revenue growth has slowed significantly in the past year, and it experienced a decline in operating profit — though still astronomically



Apple releases iOS 7.1 beta 5 to developers

iOS 7.1 is getting closer to a public release as Apple began offering developers the fifth beta of the software update today. While specific changes are unclear, Apple appears to be continuing its efforts to refine the keyboard experience on iOS, altering yet again the behaviour of the Shift key. Beta 5 reportedly also adds