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Hands-on with Glance, the accessory that makes your dumb watch smart (Video)

Glance, the little wearable developed by Toronto’s Kiwi Wearables, has the ability to turn your standard “dumbwatch” into a smartwatch. The company designed an accessory that tucks under your watch strap to preform various functions, such as receive notifications (texts, emails, social messages), count steps, turn on your TV, play music, and even use during



New BlackBerry Blend video emerges

Cross-device service integration – the ability to switch seamlessly between your wearable, your mobile, and your desktop – is the next big step in tech, and both Apple and Google have announced steps towards this at their respective developer conferences. BlackBerry users have long-requested desktop operability for the company’s core services, and it looks as


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Nexus 5 in Yellow might be available soon

The Google Nexus 5 is currently available in several colours, including black, white and red. There has been rumours floating around the web that we might eventually see a yellow version of the pure Android device arrive, but nothing has appeared. Today, while Google I/O developer conference is in progression, Google updated its main Nexus


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Court grants Mobilicity creditor protection until September 26th

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has once again granted Mobilicity, legally known as Data & Audio-Visual Enterprises Holdings Inc., creditor protection, until September 26th. According to the latest court documents, Mobilicity noted that its “Cash Flow Statement projects that the Applicants will have sufficient liquidity to operate, and to fund the costs of this