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Samsung Galaxy F pictured, shows metal body and large display

Many enthusiasts and analysts were disappointed when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5, mainly because its design was so similar to previous flagship smartphones. The majority of the 5.1-incher is made of plastic and outfitted with a soft plastic backing. Even though the company successfully sold over 11 million units in its first month, Samsung is in


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WIND Mobile expands network into Brantford and Paris, Ontario

WIND Mobile recently announced that it surpassed 735,000 active wireless subscribers. During the 2014 Canadian Telecom Summit, Tony Lacavera, CEO of WIND Mobile, noted that the carrier is seeing an average customer usage of 1.5GB of data per month, and over 90% of all devices sold are smartphones, with 85% running Android. From a network perspective, WIND



Volkswagen acquires BlackBerry’s R&D facility in Bochum, Germany

Apple’s CarPlay, Google’s Android Auto and Microsoft’s Sync system are all making a move to occupy the display and entertainment system in your vehicle, and BlackBerry is already involved in the “automotive infotainment” market with its 2010 purchase of QNX. Reports indicates that QNX has over 50% market share in this space with high-profile partners such



Koodo Mobile drops Nexus 5 price to $350

The Nexus 5 was released last November and was immediately available via Google Play for $350, after which a number of Canadian carriers quickly hopped on board to offer this device. Most carriers sell the Nexus 5 for a no-term price around $500, but TELUS’s sub-brand Koodo seems to be the exception as they have dropped its cost


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Canadians break record for most selfies taken in one hour

The term ‘selfie’ just won’t go away. It recently became the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year, received a dedicated section called ‘Sharing Selfies’ within Apple’s App Store, and was greeted with a Selfie Alarm feature on the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2. A new Guinness World Record attempt was recorded yesterday as 421 “Canadian Selfie enthusiasts”