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Update: Virgin unveiled new monthly plans today

Update: today is March 19th and as expected Virgin has officially unveiled its new price plans. They are listed below in the screenshot, or check them out here at Virgin. Similar to Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Koodo and Fido, next up is Virgin Mobile doing some monthly plan adjustments. According to an internal doc we received



iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s coming to Videotron March 28th

Videotron announced they ended 2013 with 503,000 wireless subscribers. The Quebec-based carrier announced plans that might dramatically increase this number as they’ll officially start selling both the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s on March 28th. To-date, Videotron customers have been able to purchase a nano-sim for $5 and hook it onto an iPhone as it


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Unreleased and scrapped BlackBerry ‘Kopi’ leaks online

These images are what is said to be an unreleased BlackBerry 10 device. The internal code name of this gem was known as the “Kopi” and when John Chen, BlackBerry’s new CEO, took over he decided to scrap this from its lineup and release the Z3 with Foxconn. This isn’t the first time the Kopi



TELUS will sell the All New HTC One for $229 on a two-year

The “All New HTC One” will be officially unveiled on March 25th. Although, by this time there could be nothing to actually show off as everything has already leaked online, such as the device and its “Duo Camera.” The only features left to uncover are the improvements that Sense 6.0 will bring. A few days



Vidéotron ends 2013 with 503,000 wireless subscribers

Vidéotron’s parent-company Quebecor announced their Q4 and 2013 year-end results today and the Quebec-based carrier posted impressive results. “Despite strong competition,” Videotron ended 2013 with a total of 503,000 wireless subscribers with increased revenues of $49.1 million (28.6%) compared to last year. Manon Brouillette, Videotron’s President and COO, said that “Videotron registered another stand-out performance in



Tête-à-tête: Where is Canada’s Uncarrier?

Welcome to Tête-à-tête, a new series where two of our writers remark on interesting topics in the mobile landscape — through chat. This week, Douglas and Daniel talk about why Canada can’t have its own John Legere, even though one carrier has been taking steps to match T-Mobile’s customer-first approach. Douglas: We need to have a



Galaxy S4 KitKat upgrade now available to download

For the legions of Canadians who have the Samsung Galaxy S4 it seems your official upgrade to KitKat is finally available. So far we’ve received tips that Rogers, Fido, TELUS, Virgin Mobile, Videotron, WIND and Bell are live with it coming in at 414MB. Check your GS4 and let us know if OS 4.4.2 has



Bell giving away 250 pairs of tickets today to see the Raptors

If you’re a fan of the Toronto Raptors, who are currently leading the Atlantic Division, then Bell might be your best friend today. The carrier has announced that they have a total of 250 pairs of tickets to see the Raptors. Apparently there is no purchase needed and Bell noted that you just have to