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TELUS Samsung Galaxy S5 review

Few devices this year are going to receive the attention, and scrutiny, of Samsung’s newest flagship. The Galaxy S5 is the star of Samsung’s expanding smartphone lineup, and as the Korean company’s reach that grown beyond Android enthusiasts, its products have gone through a number of quiet evolutions. Befitting the fifth product in a series,



HTC One M8 review

There’s a popular idiom reinforced in schools every year to millions of students: two heads are better than one. The thinking goes, one person is an island, and smart as he may be, there’s always another way to look at a problem. With the second HTC One, the M8, the Taiwanese manufacturer worked closely with



LG G Flex review

No one needs a curved phone. It’s almost certainly the latest gimmick in a litany of specs that seems to be the result of a maturing smart device market sucked dry of new ideas. And yet the G Flex intrigues me. It’s not the best Android phone on the market, and it’s almost certainly too



Alcatel OneTouch Idol X review

The idea of a smartphone as a tool — a blade, a shovel and a pen — has largely been lost in the era of Candy Crush and Twitter. Since not everyone can afford a high-end device, the chasm between “phone-as-utility” and “phone-as-fun” has created two disparate and opposing sides to the regime. It’s especially



Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 review

There were moments during my two-week period with the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2, the biggest and most expensive tablet on the market, when I thought, “Huh, this could probably replace my laptop.” What do I use my laptop for? Browsing the internet; playing music; taking notes; writing blog posts; playing games. Samsung’s newest tablet is



Asus Transformer Book Trio review

In the computing word, the term “hybrid” is often synonymous with “compromise” or “expense”. In the case of the Asus Transformer Book Trio, neither applies: it is a fully-capable computer with separate hardware for both an Android tablet and a Windows laptop/desktop. At $949, it’s also fairly inexpensive for the hardware you get. While the



Pebble Steel review

The OG Pebble was the first Kickstarter project I backed with any real potential. It was a new platform, both to me and the former InPulse employees that promised a lot, and learned even more, before eventually shipping nine months later. When I first saw the Pebble, a crude prototype with its logic board attached



Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 review

In many ways, I’m glad Amazon took its time bringing the Kindle Fire series of tablets Canada. Now in its third generation, Kindle is a brand both mature and distinguished from other Android devices; its Fire OS, though separate from the Play Store universe, boasts the extensive feature set one would expect from a modern



Narrative Clip review: an unfinished story

Memoto’s lifelogging camera was one of the more intriguing, and potentially invasive, Kickstarter projects I saw in 2012. But I didn’t hesitate to back it, not because I thought it would be a great product — which it turned out to be — but because the wider implications of lifelogging in general are something I’m



LG G Pad 8.3 review

LG had a pretty great 2013, releasing its best two smartphones to date, the G2 and Nexus 5, and one of the best Android tablets on the market. Too bad, though, Canadians had to wait until 2014 for that that tablet, the G Pad 8.3, to become available. LG’s first foray into Android tablets since