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Battery-Saving Tips for iOS and Android users

The smartphone battery is one of the most lamented smartphone features when a new device hits the market. Aside from a select few phones with extra-large batteries, the majority of…


On the line: VoLTE and the future of the phone call

“The phone call is dead.” That’s what I keep hearing from friends who would rather strain their neck looking down at a screen than looking ahead while talking on it….


10 iOS tips and tricks for the iPhone power user

Every once in a while, it’s worth it to reflect on what the biggest advances in iOS can bring the average iPhone and iPad user. Not all of these features…


Everything you need to know about Apple Pay in Canada

Apple Pay has launched in Canada, which means iPhone users can make in-store payments, and iOS 9 users in general can make in-app payments, using compatible devices. Below are some…


How to turn off auto renew in Apple Music

Apple Music was officially unveiled during WWDC 2015 on June 8 before becoming widely available in several countries across the world, including Canada, on June 30. To attract users from…

Apple Music

How to request a song on Beats 1 in Canada

Everyone loves making song requests; it’s in our blood to want to hear our favourite tracks (and a shout-out) on the air. Beats 1, which this morning started streaming 24/7 on…


Exploring roaming choices in Canada

It’s coming up on Canada Day, which for many Canadians means a trip to the States, Mexico, Europe or elsewhere. Here at MobileSyrup, we’re always looking for the best ways…


Apple Watch Tips & Tricks

Are you among the lucky few to receive their new Apple Watch today? Perhaps you’ve placed an order and are expecting your Apple Watch in the next few days or…


How to enable ‘Read Mode’ on Chrome for Android

If you do a lot of reading on your phone but find the general layout of articles on the internet distracting, Chrome’s new read mode might be for you. Chromium evangelist François…


How to sell your used smartphone

Thanks to the smartphone industry’s now ubiquitous yearly refresh cycle, the longest you’ll have to wait for the latest smartphones is 12 months (unless you bought the last flagship Lumia). If you buy…

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How to Force Quit an app on Android

Where’s the Ctrl + Alt + Delete on this thing? Android users faced with an unresponsive app might wonder if there’s any way they can force the app to close,…


How to uninstall an app on Android

With Lollipop, Google has improved the setup experience for new devices. All you have to do is touch your old phone to your new phone and Lollipop will download all…