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Yahoo releases overhauled Flickr app for Android and iOS

You’d be forgiven for thinking Marissa Mayer hasn’t taken Android as seriously as iOS since becoming CEO of Yahoo. The company has released many crucial updates for its most popular apps in recent months, including the iOS-only News Digest, and Android has often been left by the wayside. It looks like the situation is beginning to


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Chrome Remote Desktop app hits Android, coming to iOS later this year

Google has unleashed its Chrome Remote Desktop app on (un)suspecting Android users today, allowing smartphone and tablet lovers to control those old hunks of metal and plastic called computers. For the few remaining Luddites using laptops or *gasp* desktops, Remote Desktop works with a Chrome extension and subsequent Host app on Windows or OS X



Popular iOS photo sharing app Frontback comes to Android

Just like that, another former iOS exclusive has made its way to Android. Frontback, the “selfie + 1″ photo sharing community, debuted on iOS last year to great acclaim, allowing users to post two cropped horizontal images, delineated between the front and back cameras (hence the name) with a small caption. The startup has raised



Handybook’s iOS-based home cleaning service expands to Toronto

A new startup has hit Toronto, and it’s going to be a boon for consumers and professionals alike. Handybook, a New York-based startup that has raised just over $12 million to date, runs an iOS-based cleaning service that allows customers to book home cleanings, electrical and plumbing appointments, and a number of other fix-it verticals,



Deezer goes free for mobile users, adds Flow personalized radio

Deezer, the French-based streaming music service that launched in Canada last year, has expanded its mobile reach by allowing users on Android and iOS to listen to an unlimited amount of music for free. Echoing the ad-based listening model that debuted last year on the web, Deezer believes it can effectively turn these users into


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Adobe launches Lightroom for iPad, requires Creative Cloud subscription

Adobe is becoming quite the nimble services company, bundling its top-selling products into a single $9.99/month subscription called Creative Cloud. Those who choose to spend the money for access to cloud-optimized versions of photo-editing powerhouse Lightroom and jack-of-all-trades Photoshop CC (the CC is for “Creative Cloud” edition, get it?) now have another tool at their