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Virgin starts BlackBerry Q10 pre-registrations, says it’s “coming soon”

Now that the BlackBerry Z10 has been actively selling in Canada it’s time to shift the focus to the QWERTY/Touch Q10. We’ve seen Rogers, Bell and TELUS all go live with “pre-registration,” but now it’s Virgin Mobile’s time. They’ve just posted their own pre-registration sign-up page and declared the 2nd BlackBerry 10 device is “coming


Virgin Mobile to release Xperia J, dummy devices arrive in-store

Last week we let you know that Bell will be launching the entry-level Sony Xperia J on March 27th. If you’re wanting to score this handset on Virgin Mobile then luck is coming your way. We’ve been informed that Virgin will also welcome this Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean device to their lineup and have


Yep, Virgin Mobile also decides to double their minutes and data

Koodo was first, Fido followed. Now, as expected, Virgin Mobile has doubled up on the minutes and data offering on their “Gold Plans.” The $35/month plan now has 200 minutes and 200MB data, while the $45/month has been bumped to 400 minutes and 1GB data. Fierce competition out there… Source: Virgin (Thanks to everyone who


Virgin Mobile Nexus 4 priced at $359 outright at The Source

Interesting. Google is selling the 16GB version of the Nexus 4 for $359 via Google Play. Earlier this week Virgin Mobile was the latest Canadian carrier to launch the pure Android device and they set the price at $399 outright. However, retail outlet The Source looks to be getting ready to sell the N4 for


Virgin to offer the Nexus 4 for $399.99 outright

Virgin Mobile recently posted a sign-up page on their website for the 16GB  Nexus 4, stating it’s “coming soon.” Missing from the excitement is the price, but thankfully we have that for you. We’re unsure of the SuperTab pricing but the no-term price will be $399.99. We’ll have more info soon. (Thanks tipster!)

Nexus 4 coming soon to Virgin

The Google Nexus 4 is sure making the rounds at our Canadian carriers. Quebec-based Videotron was the first, followed by WIND Mobile and Fido. Now it looks like Virgin Mobile will soon welcome this pure Android device to their lineup. A banner on their site states the the Nexus 4 is “coming soon” and encourages


HTC 8X coming to Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile recently added the entry-level Windows Phone HTC 8S to their lineup, but those wanting a bit more power might be interested in the 8X. We’ve been informed that the Windows Phone 8X will be making its way to Virgin Mobile in the coming days. No word yet on pricing or the exact launch