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Speak Out Wireless now offers Fido Moto Renew W233

Looking to go prepaid and also do good for the environment. 7Eleven Speak Out Wireless has now made it possible for you to get the Fido Moto Renew W233 for $59 outright. This is the phone that is made from recycled water bottles and is the first CarbonFree mobile phone. As a bonus Speak Out


Speak Out adds Nokia 5130 “Jamma” to lineup

Speak Out 7Eleven has added another device to their lineup, this time it’s a worthwhile one to consider. According to their July Handset Guide the “Jamma” Nokia 5130 is available for a whopping $139.99. You’ll get 20 minutes of start-up time and this is only 88 grams, comes with a 2 inch display with a


Speak Out Promo: 50% off select phones

Speak Out has a decent promo going on now until July 31st. When you any of the following devices: Nokia 1208, 1680, 2760 or the newly released 1661 and you purchase $100 worth of airtime you’ll get the device for 50% off. Pretty good deal considering the prices range from $59 – $89.

Speak Out Wireless to release low cost Nokia 1661

It’s always good to scale it back a few notches and remember the basics. For the 30% of Canadians that do not have a cellphone, you’ll be incredibly thrilled to know that a very basic device is making its way over to your local Speak Out Wireless 7Eleven locations. The Nokia 1661 will be added


Speak Out listens to customers, creates $15 airtime card

Not sure if this is a listening to the customer or just a sign of the times. People are spending less these days and I guess Speak Out wants to join the party by “listening” to their customers needs. They created a $15 Airtime card that, as they put it, “Not every SpeakOut customer wants


Speak Out Wireless removes Nokia 6061?

Not the biggest news but always good to know what’s happening. From the chart we posted last week with the new addition of the Rogers Samsung J706 coming soon to Speak Out, we noticed today they’ve removed a clunker from the past… Nokia 6061. No reasons given, perhaps Speak Out finally ran out of stock,


Speak Out Wireless to add Rogers Samsung J706 soon

If you’re interested in getting a prepaid phone and want to give 7 Eleven Speak Out Wireless a go, they will be releasing the Rogers Samsung J706 soon. This will be available for $99 and comes with 31 minutes of start-up time. The J706 is a slider phone that has a 1.3 megapixel camera, FM


“Pay It Forward” with SpeakOut Wireless

SpeakOut does make it easy to get a phone with them, especially if you are looking for a basic device. They only have a limited selection of Nokia  phones (1208, 1680, 2760 and 5200) with the rates being about $0.20 per minute and $0.05 text messages. They give you free voice mail, caller ID, call


Speak Out Wireless adds basic Nokia 1680

7Eleven (Speak Out Wireless) has released the classic and very basic Nokia 1680 – this is available for $89 and this comes wtih 20 minutes of startup time. With all Speak Out phones they come ready right out of the box with  free Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling. The Nokia 1680 comes