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The anguish of updates

Here we are, another year almost gone, and I am weeping into my Cheerios. Not literally, mind, but a proverbial stream of lost opportunities cascades to the ground, one for every unconsummated Android update. Overall, this has been a relatively good year for OEMs: HTC brought Android 4.3 to the One in relatively good time;



WOW! Mobile boutique opening this weekend

A ‘new wireless retail opportunity‘ is upon us. WOW! Mobile Boutique will feature Rogers, TELUS, Fido, Koodo and chatr brands and we’ve been informed that they’ll open their swinging doors this weekend. There’s still a number of unknowns, mainly the number of retail locations, but in an email blast to Chatr customers says that the



Motorola issues winter-themed boot animation for Moto G (Update)

There’s a little more cheer in the air for Moto X and Moto G owners today. Motorola has issued a new app to the Play Store, staidly-named Motorola Boot Services, which updates the devices’ boot animation to one a bit more festive. Like the intriguing Windy Day game that magically appeared on Moto X devices over



Koodo will sell the Samsung Galaxy Note II for $500 outright

Koodo Mobile announced plans to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note II a couple days ago. Limited info was known about the specific date or pricing, but today we bring you a bit more. According to a price card that’s arrived at Koodo locations the Note II will be $500 retail, and as low as $0 on



Koodo Mobile to release the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Koodo is digging deep into the past with plans to release the year-old Samsung Galaxy Note II. Announced today on Facebook, Koodo declared the phablet will soon make an appearance for an unknown price. Considering Samsung has successfully launched its successor, the Note 3, the Galaxy Note II will be priced accordingly — hopefully well



Moto G discounted to $150 at Koodo Mobile

One of the best smartphone deals in Canada just got a little better. The Moto G is now on sale for $150 outright at Koodo Mobile with a plan, making it one of the finest deals around. Though Koodo is a sub-brand of TELUS, and caters to a more money-conscious consumer, the various plans still


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Motorola begins selling unlocked Moto G in the US with AWS support

Don’t be mad, but I have some disturbing news: Canadians are getting screwed out of one of the best smartphone deals today. The newly-refocused Google-owned OEM announced the Moto G earlier this month, and the unassuming Android smartphone has quickly become the low-cost handset to beat. In fact, Canada was one of the earliest markets



Koodo doubles minutes and data on Canada-wide plans

Competition is fierce in Canada! Déjà vu: “In response to Fido offering double minutes and data, Koodo is launching double minutes and data on Canada-wide plans. This is available with new activation and upgrades. But hurry, this offer won’t last!” Full plan details on the above chart — as expected, your the minutes and data



Moto G now available at TELUS and Koodo Mobile

Apart from the Nexus 5 from Google Play, the Moto G is one of the most affordable Android smartphones to ever hit the market. The Moto G is Motorola’s newest smartphone and a sister phone to the flagship Moto X. As expected, TELUS and Koodo Mobile have exclusively made the Moto G available today —