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Globalive gives Alcatel-Lucent 3-year contract to built 3G network

Globalive is making news in all areas over the past number of weeks. They most recently will face the CRTC due to TELUS‘ request to look into their foreign ownership. Plus they signed multi-million dollar deals with Nokia Seimens and DragonWave to help them build out their national 3G network. Today, Globalive announced another 3-year


Globalive on latest TELUS CRTC request: “I am very concerned”

Globalive Chairman Tony Lacavera wrote a post on his WirelessSoapbox site titled “TELUS Maneuvering”. Earlier this week it’s known that TELUS went to the CRTC and asked for “Directions on Procedure”, basically wanting insight into their upcoming business plans and possibly delaying their official launch… to which Globalive declared TELUS of “game playing”. Lacavera wrote


Globalive accuses TELUS of “Game Playing”

Of all the new entrants coming into the Canadian wireless market the most feared by Bell, Rogers and TELUS is not Public Mobile or DAVE Wireless, but Globalive. Spearheaded by Globalive Chaiman Tony Lacavera, he managed to bring on a titan in the wireless world, Orascom, and get them to invest $700 million over 4


Exclusive VIDEO Interview: Globalive responds to CRTC

We caught up with Tony Lacavera of Globalive this morning to speak with him about yesterday’s CRTC decision to examine how much foreign ownership Orascom actually has. We interviewed him about a month ago, at that time he was looking forward to the coming months and really making an impact in the Canadian wireless scene.


Globalive launch delayed, CRTC looking into foreign ownership

Fresh of the heels of Globalive signing a multi-million dollar deal to have Nokia Seimens roll-out their 3G network, the CRTC has decided to move forward to “conduct a lengthy public hearing process” on Globalive’s ownership structure… which means the targeted Q4 launch plans are now officially delayed.

Globalive chooses Nokia Siemens Networks for 3G network roll out

Globalive continues to move forward with rolling out their wireless plans. In addition, Nokia Seimens continues to build wireless partnerships in Canada. The two companies have entered into multi-million dollar agreement that will see Nokia Siemens Networks provide “hardware and software such as the future proof, LTE-compliant Flexi Multimode Base Station, Radio Network Controller, Network


Globalive chooses DragonWave to build 3G network

Globalive Wireless has selected Ottawa-based DragonWave to help them build out their multimillion dollar 3G network. Ken Campbell, CEO of Globalive Wireless said “As we build Canada’s newest wireless network, our commitment is to provide Canadian consumers with unmatched value. For that, we need future-ready technology that enables the delivery of high-capacity, cost-effective IP-based services.


Globalive’s first words: “Hello! How are you?”

On June 15th Globalive Wireless officially made their first phone call, a major step forward for them. On their Wireless Soapbox site they have noted their first words were similar to famed telephone inventor Alexandar Graham Bell of “Hello! How are you?”. Check out our exclusive interview here with Globalive CEO Tony Lacavera.

Did the auction participants overpay by $2 billion?

We’ve been following the developments of the Canadian Wireless Spectrum Auction since it started. It’s actually impressive to see the ongoing saga unfold just like an episode of “As the World Turns”. Over the past year or so we’ve seen Rogers, Bell and TELUS somewhat reduce their prices (this could be an economy thing), their