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Fido shifting towards per-minute billing July 4th

Fido is owned by Rogers and is one of Canada’s affordable wireless brands. While several competing carriers offer unlimited talk, Fido has consistently prided themselves in promoting per-second billing… this is coming to an end on July 4th. According to an internal doc we received it shows that Fido will be shifting towards per-minute billing.


Sony Xperia U Review

The Sony Xperia U is the baby of the newly-announced family from Sony but takes a lot of design cues from the more-expensive Xperia S. In essence the 3.5-inch device is a successor to the Xperia ray, which was released last year to great acclaim. Sony is one of the few companies that continues to


Sony Xperia U now available at Fido

Fido has a decent group of smartphones – to name a few: Apple’s iPhone, HTC One S, Motorola RAZR, LG Optimus 2X. Seems like they are hitting all potential buyers at all price points. We first posted news that the entry-level Sony Xperia U would be coming to their lineup a month ago… today this


Fido BlackBerry Curve 9360 update to OS now available

Quick update for those Fido users who have the BlackBerry Curve 9360 – OS is now available for you to download. As mentioned before when other carriers pushed through this update, this version brings BlackBerry Tags and mobile hotspot to your Berry. Download it here via BlackBerry

LG Optimus L7 pops up online, imminent launch on Rogers and Fido

All the rumours of The LG Optimus L7 coming to both Rogers and Fido can be put to rest. This Android should be hitting both carriers within days and Future Shop has confirmed it’s inevitable release. Still no word on what price Fido will make this available for, but the 3-year term at Rogers will


Fido to release the Sony Xperia U

Yesterday we let you know that Fido is preparing to refresh their lineup. An internal doc showed that the LG Optimus L7 and the HTC One S will be launching soon. Now we have another smartphone coming to the Fido brand. This time it’s the new Sony Xperia U – a mid-range Android that comes


LG Optimus L7 coming to Fido

We’ve known for a couple months now that the LG Optimus L7 was heading to Canadian soil, hitting Rogers “Lite” lineup. What we didn’t know this “L-Style” series Android was also going to be released by Fido, one of Rogers sub-brands. The above screenshot shows it’s on the roadmap, but no word yet on either


Additional proof that Fido will launch the BlackBerry Bold 9790

If you’re looking for a bit more proof the Fido will be launching the BlackBerry Bold 9790 all you have to do is head over to the official software update page. Not incredibly groundbreaking news, but it seems the OS on the Bold will be version All that’s needed now is a release date


Fido to release the BlackBerry Bold 9790

Fido is on the list of Canadian carriers to release the HTC One S later this month, still no confirmation on when this will be available or at what price points. The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device is also heading to Bell, Virgin, TELUS and SaksTel. In addition to this powerhouse device, Fido will


Fido prepping to launch LTE network?

When Rogers went live with their LTE network last June they gave customers the ability to reach peak download speeds of up to 75Mbps, realistically it’s between 12Mbps – 25Mbps. LTE has exploded in Canada as we’ve seen Bell and TELUS launch their networks. Recently Virgin Mobile decided to light up their LTE network (hooked