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Forum Highlights from this past week

I thought I’d take a bit of time and give you some insight into the conversations going on in our Forum. A link to each thread is provided… Here are a few highlights from this past week: Fido: – Launched the anticipated BlackBerry 8100 for $25 on a 3-year contract, monthly price plans range from


Fido officially releases BlackBerry Pearl 8100

After all the rumours and pics that have shown up on the web, Fido has officially released the BlackBerry Pearl 8100… this is only the first of a number of BlackBerry devices coming to Fido. This is available in black and can be yours for $25 on a 3-year contract plus data plan, lowest is


Fido to release Samsung f266 on February 10th?

Following up to the upcoming launch of the Fido Samsung f266… we have been tipped from a number of people today that have a possible launch date of February 10th.  In addition, estimated price plans $25 on a 2-year contract, or outright for $150.

Fido BlackBerry 8100 starts showing up in stores

It seems to be true that the 2-year old BlackBerry 8100 will be launching soon with Fido…. stores are now receiving shipments for a targeted launch date of February 4th. The rumour is that the 8100 will have the following price plan: Month to Month is $400; 2-year plan is $350 and 3-year with data


Fido to launch the Samsung f266?

With Rogers launching the 2 new devices today, the Samsung Rugby A836 and ZTE Rock F165. I was curious what else was new over at Samsung Canada. Low and behold I found the Samsung f266 will be launching with Fido shortly. I called Fido a couple times to confirm and they have never heard of


Fido to release BlackBerry 8100 February 4th

Word is spreading fast that Fido is set to release the BlackBerry 8100 on February 4th. In addition, the following pricing has been set on the following plans: Month to Month is $400; 2-year plan is $350 and 3-year with data is $25. With this said, we just want some newer BlackBerry devices to launch,


Fido to release BlackBerry Pearl 8100

I’ve been following this conversation on HowardForums since January 9th about Fido bringing on the BlackBerry Pearl 8100. Even though BlackBerry has stopped producing the 8100, Fido will start doing data training on the device this week for its staff and possible start selling it within the next 2 weeks. From a previous post we


Do you like the new Dog? (Fido Customer Satisfaction Survey)

Fido got re-branded back in early November and now that 2008 is basically completed… Fido is asking for some much needed feedback when it comes to their site. Some of the questions are: “What is your overall satisfaction with this site?”, “How likely are you to recommend the Fido brand overall to someone else?”. If