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Rogers & Fido customers can search Workopolis for free

Thousands of jobs have been cut and Rogers, Fido and Workopolis want to make it easier for us to get our next gig. We know that during times of economic struggles, one of the last things people tent to cut back in is technology. Now Rogers/Fido customers can access job postings directly on their wireless


Fido to end sales of iPhone 3G 16GB starting April

For those who are looking to get the Apple iPhone 16GB in their hands through Fido might want to rush and get it over the next couple weeks. We’ve been notified that Fido has plans to discontinue the sales of the iPhone 3G 16GB models. They will start to deplete their current stock at the


Fido launches LG Neon

The LG Neon has made its way over to Fido. This slide out full QWERTY keyboard is great for texting. The price plans are $50 on a 2-year plan or $175 outright. The Neon has a 2.4 inch touchscreen (240 x 320 pixels) with a 2.0 megapixel camera that has video capabilities, MP3 Player with


LG Neon coming to Fido this week

Rogers recently released the LG Neon. This is a full slide out QWERTY keyboard that is a texters dream. Apparently this is on the way to Fido this week. In the press release to announce the LG Canadian Texting Championships is clearly stated that “LG Neon, which is a slider model that features a full


Fido Samsung f266 Video Review

For an entry level slider phone, I’m really impressed with the new Fido Samsung f266. Apart from your standard phone features such as contacts, calendar, to-do list, calculator…this is a great phone that can do more than your basic needs. I mean for 25 bucks on a 2-year contract, or outright for $150 it is


Fido launches the Samsung F266 slider

As we noted a week ago, Fido has released the Samsung f266 slider to its line-up. This is available on the following price plans: $25 on a 2-year plan or outright for $150. Some key features of this is that it has a 2 megapixel camera with 4x zoom, a whopping 37 MB internal memory


Leaked images of Fido’s upcoming devices

Pictures have surfaced of some of the upcoming devices that we can expect at Fido. A couple of them we already knew about, such as the Samsung f266 and the Sony Ericsson T303. The only part of this leaked image that is questionable is that launches is incorrectly spelled as “Upcoming launchs”… however, everything else


Forum Highlights from this past week

I thought I’d take a bit of time and give you some insight into the conversations going on in our Forum. A link to each thread is provided… Here are a few highlights from this past week: Fido: – Launched the anticipated BlackBerry 8100 for $25 on a 3-year contract, monthly price plans range from


Fido officially releases BlackBerry Pearl 8100

After all the rumours and pics that have shown up on the web, Fido has officially released the BlackBerry Pearl 8100… this is only the first of a number of BlackBerry devices coming to Fido. This is available in black and can be yours for $25 on a 3-year contract plus data plan, lowest is


Fido to release Samsung f266 on February 10th?

Following up to the upcoming launch of the Fido Samsung f266… we have been tipped from a number of people today that have a possible launch date of February 10th.  In addition, estimated price plans $25 on a 2-year contract, or outright for $150.