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Conservative Party of Canada launches “Consumers First” page to fight back against incumbents’ PR onslaught

“There is no loophole.” The Conservative government has hastily erected a comeback of sorts to the incumbents’ Fair For Canada campaign, a one-pager called Consumers First. Within this facts mission, newly-appointed Industry Minister James Moore attempts to clarify all of the misconceptions surrounding a foreign telco entering Canada. Specifically, he upholds the notion that by



Update: Verizon reportedly scraps plans to acquire WIND and Mobilicity

Massive United States carrier Verizon had expressed interest in entering the Canadian wireless space, potentially acquiring either WIND Mobile or Mobilicity. Fran Shammo, Verizon CFO, recently confirm his intentions and stated “we’re looking at the opportunity. This is just us dipping our toe in the water.” Speculation ran wild over the past few weeks that


Mobilicity is currently “in discussions with multiple parties in connection with an acquisition”

Mobilicity, legally known as Data & Audio-Visual Enterprises Holdings Inc., has announced today that they’ve officially ‘adjourned the debtholder vote on the previously announced recapitalization plan.” The startup wireless company has been searching for a buyer for many months and also declared they are currently “in discussions with multiple parties in connection with an acquisition


Mobilicity slashes $100 off the BlackBerry Z10, now $500 outright

Mobilicity, who’s currently going through their own carrier issues, has one of the best deals going for a BlackBerry Z10. Originally launched on their network a couple months ago for $599.99 now sees a cut of $100. This seems to be a Father’s Day promo and only available ‘while supplies last.” $500 outright for the


HTC One coming to Mobilicity and Videotron?

The HTC One has won many high profile awards for its forward thinking all-aluminum design. Last weekend they oozed with pride and engaged in some heated Twitter banter with Samsung (see here). In Canada, the HTC One is currently available at Bell, SaskTel, Rogers and TELUS, but according to a thread on XDA Developers reveals


Mobilicity says TELUS has officially terminated acquisition plans

Canada’s Industry Minister Christian Paradis denied TELUS’ $380 million bid to acquire Mobilicity last week, plus also declared that the upcoming 700 Mhz auction would be delayed until January 2014. Upon hearing the news, which at one-time TELUS said “will benefit our customers and employees,” the carrier noted that the “decision is unfortunate for Mobilicity’s