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Chatr’s new tagline: “No worries about dropped calls”

Chatr Wireless got hit with some bad news from the Competition Bureau a few days ago, basically stating their advertising “fewer dropped calls than new wireless carriers” was “misleading” the public. An internal doc that we received stated that “All collateral and brochures that has have printed “fewer dropped calls than new wireless carriers” is


Competition Bureau documents say “Chatr’s dropped call rates were higher”

Rogers discount wireless brand Chatr has been causing ripples in Canadian wireless even before they launched. New entrants Mobilicity and Wind Mobile both filed complaints again them at various government levels. On November 19th the Competition Bureau announced that their evidence found Rogers Chatr brand had “misleading advertising” specifically for “fewer dropped calls than new


Chatr launches the Nokia C3 as “The Associate” for $100

Chatr has officially released a QWERTY quick messaging device. The Nokia C3 is dubbed as “The Associate” and it could be yours for $100. The good news is if you are going to pick this up you’ll also walk away with a Bluetooth headset and $60 worth of credits (when you choose “Auto Pay”). As


Nokia C3 heading towards Chatr?

Rogers recently launched their discount brand Chatr and here’s something very interesting. Chatr offers Unlimited Talk and Text plans in 6 cities across Canada and if everything is on the up and up then according to the Nokia Canada website it looks like the Nokia C3 is coming soon. The C3 shows up in their


Chatr expands Montreal coverage zone

Good news for those who are on Rogers discount brand Chatr Wireless. They have expanded their coverage zone in Montreal which means you can travel a bit further without paying an extra $0.25 per minute when you’re out of the zone. (Check out the old coverage map here) Via: Chatr

Rogers on Wind filing a complaint to the Competition Bureau: “our advertising reflects our competitive advantage”

WIND Mobile Chairman Tony Lacavera announced yesterday they filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau about how Rogers new discount carrier Chatr Wireless advertises they have “fewer dropped calls than new wireless carriers”. Lacavera stated that “There is absolutely no solid or objective technical basis for Chatr’s claim to have more network reliability and fewer


When Public Mobile launches data will Chatr follow?

At the end of 2009 there was a total of 23.8 million wireless subscribers in Canada. 5.2 million people (22%) had a smartphone with the remaining having some sort of talk/text plan. A recent study showed that Smartphone/data device subscribers will represent 31% by the end of 2010 and then 60% by year-end 2014. Also,