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Galaxy S4 now available in Canada!

Your “Life’s Companion” is now ready for you. Samsung’s Galaxy S4, “Next Big Thing,” has officially landed on Canadian soil and can now be purchased. For those who didn’t pre-order the GS4 and decided to test your luck on launch day, you might want to call your local store to see if they have stock


Samsung TecTiles 2 announced, replaces original NFC tag

Samsung is announcing a new version of its NFC tag that is compatible with the Galaxy S4. Its TecTile tag was a fun way to add functionality to a NFC-capable smartphone by programming specific commands into the union of phone and tag. The first TecTile used a non-standard NFC technology that has since been deprecated


Lowest Samsung Galaxy S4 outright price, so far, goes to Koodo at $625

Koodo Mobile might snatch up some additional subscribers with the upcoming Galaxy S4 launch. Most carriers have come out with the no-term pricing between $650 – $700, Koodo has priced this 5-inch beast at $625. No word yet from Wind Mobile, Mobilicity or Fido’s on what their outright prices will be… but you can bet


Video: Galaxy S4 goes under the knife in 4-minute scratch test

For your viewing pleasure today a 4-minute video has been uploaded to YouTube that shows the 5-inch scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass display in Galaxy S4 being tortured and tested. Several knives, keys, pen and coins were all used and it does a solid job with these items. Check it out below, would be good to see