App/Game of the Week


Game of the Week: Chameleon Run – Colour switching madness

Want a reflex-based mobile game to play this weekend? Look no further than Saskatoon-based Noodlecake Games’ and Hyperbolic Magnetism’s Chameleon Run, a colour-shifting endless running that dropped last month for iOS….

Pocket Mortys

Game of the Week: Pocket Mortys – Gotta Catch ‘Em All

It’s rare a video game is actually funny. The interactive nature of the medium makes it extremely difficult for developers to craft meaningfully amusing moments within the frantic and often…

tiny rogue

Game of the Week: Tiny Rogue – Ultra difficult turn-based combat

Canadian developer Ravenous Games’ Tiny Rogue is an entertaining but flawed time-killing title that features randomly generated stages and clever turn-based gameplay. The player advances through increasingly difficult levels, moving,…

Moon+ Reader

App of the Week: Moon+ Reader

Modern smartphones have radically disrupted how most of us work and play, but there’s at least one experience that they’ve failed to improve upon. In my mind, there’s something about…

skiing yeti mountain

Game of the Week: Skiing Yeti Mountain

Featherweight Games’ Skiing Yeti Mountain is the type of game that you need to pick-up and try before understanding why it’s better than every other downhill skiing game on the…