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Moon+ Reader

App of the Week: Moon+ Reader

Modern smartphones have radically disrupted how most of us work and play, but there’s at least one experience that they’ve failed to improve upon. In my mind, there’s something about…

skiing yeti mountain

Game of the Week: Skiing Yeti Mountain

Featherweight Games’ Skiing Yeti Mountain is the type of game that you need to pick-up and try before understanding why it’s better than every other downhill skiing game on the…


Missing: An Interactive thriller and the FMV game comeback

Full motion video (FMV) games have been experiencing an unexpected resurgence lately. Whether it’s Her Story, Contradiction or Montreal-based Zandel Media’s Missing: An Interactive Thriller, technology that was popular in…


App of the week: Bandcamp

We’re back once again with weekly app of the week feature. This week, we’re taking a look at Bandcamp, one my favourite music apps and platforms. On Tuesday, the company…


Six of the best free mobile games

Free mobile games don’t have to suck, although many of them do. The rise of games such as Candy Crush Saga, Farmville, and also anything Zynga has either developed, or…

Monument Valley

Six great mobile puzzle games

Puzzle games are an interesting and very broad category of mobile games. Titles range from games that involve rearranging numbers to ones that task the player with manipulating the world to move…


The Top 5 Endless Runners in Mobile Gaming

Endless runners are one of the most common gaming genres on mobile devices with countless titles landing in the category being released on a monthly basis. And there’s a reason…


Impossible Road review: Difficult but satisfying

Kevin Ng’s Impossible Road is extremely difficult, making it perhaps the most challenging game I’ve played since I dabbled with Flappy Bird back during the height of that game’s popularity….


Alto’s Adventure review: Mobile gaming at its best 

Late last week I tweeted that Alto’s Adventure – developed by Toronto-based developer Snowman Games (Ryan Cash) – might be the best mobile game I’ve ever played. I completely understand…