Gift Guide 2014: Smartphones for all

Our lives revolve around the tiny supercomputers in our pockets. We stay in touch, read the news, play our games and ignore our friends on devices barely larger our hands….


Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact review

Previously, on MobileSyrup: “Sony’s Xperia ZL is an excellent smartphone. But, like I said about the Xperia T, it’s going up against the most competitive smartphone market in history.” April 6th,…

syrupcast644 - episode 22

SyrupCast 22: Wearing your heart rate on your sleeve

This week, TELUS’s new Your Choice plans are discussed and dissected: why the change, and are there any consumer advantages? Plus, Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch, and whether Canadians — consumers and…

syrupcast644 - episode 21

SyrupCast 21: Chairman Handsome

On SyrupCast 21, we talk about the Nexus 6, referencing our review and our first impressions of Android 5.0 Lollipop — is it all it’s cracked up to be? We…


Nexus 6 review

“I’m going to drop this thing for sure,” I thought the first time I held the Nexus 6. The sixth Nexus is duly termed: it’s a large phone, with a 5.96-inch…

iPad mini 3 review

iPad mini 3 review

When Apple introduced the iPad mini 3 last month, the Internet was aghast with its level of… sameness. While the iPad Air 2 got slimmer, more powerful, and eliminated the…

syrupcast644 - episode 20

SyrupCast 20: How To Lose a Billion in Ten Months

We chat about Rogers’ new Roam Like Home deal and how it compares to KnowRoaming and Roam Mobility. There’s a big discussion about the Nexus 9 and the iPad mini 3,…


Nokia Lumia 830 review

There have been relatively few Windows Phones released in Canada over the past year. Canadian carriers don’t seem to have the same confidence in the platform as their American counterparts, choosing…


Nexus 9 review

It’s impossible to talk about the Nexus 9 without acknowledging just how far Android has come. While its phone counterpart, the Nexus 6, will likely herald more consumer fanfare, the…

Tumblr for Android

Talking Material Design with Tumblr’s Kevin Grant

Seriously, what is it about Tumblr engineers? For the past two years, Tumblr’s Director of Mobile, Chris Haseman has keynoted at AndroidTO, merging keen insights with a charming wit. This…

syrupcast644 - episode 19

SyrupCast 19: Halloween Podcat

It was the rainy day of Hallowe’en When Daniel slipped and broke his screen Jane called him a jerk Doug started to twerk And the podcat went PG-13. Download Information Subscribe…


Nexus 6 hands-on (video)

The Nexus 6 is huge. Not just physically in the hand, but for Google and the company’s future in smartphones. This is the most expensive Nexus device ever created, intended to…