The Best Smartphones for Back to School

It’s August, which means that kids are filling their backpacks with pens, paper, textbooks and – oh, who are we kidding, no one uses those things anymore. Students want tech, and…


Fallout Shelter review: Perfect for mobile, but lacks depth

It’s true: Fallout Shelter is an interactive advertisement for Bethesda’s upcoming blockbuster console release, Fallout 4, complete with the franchise’s undeniably cute 1950s Pip-Boy art style. Unlike a lot of people…


SyrupCast 48: Galaxy Notes and Summer Doldrums

SyrupCast is back! This week, Daniel and Douglas chat about the new Galaxy phones, Motorola’s mid-range strategy, the OnePlus 2, BlackBerry’s Security Summit, and we answer your questions! Show notes:…


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Hands-on

After five years, Samsung has finally figured out what the Note needs to be: a blank canvas, as accessible and intuitive as the pen and paper it is inspired by….


Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Hands-on

Building on the success of its most interesting — and most expensive — handset, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, besides being a mouthful to say, is probably the company’s most evocative phone to…

Moto Play and Moto X

Moto X Play compared to Moto X (2nd gen)

Let’s skip to the punch: the Moto X Play is in some ways a successor to last year’s Moto X and in other ways a regression. But in lieu of…


Moto G (3rd gen) review

Look to your left. Then to your right. If you’re in a public space, you’re 80% likely to be looking at someone with a smartphone in his or her pocket….


CraveTV has 730,000 users

CraveTV, Bell’s streaming service, launched last December by offering hundreds of TV shows and a small subset of movies for $4 per month. Bell has been quiet on performance of…


Hands-on with the Moto G 2015

Along with two new Moto X models, Motorola unveiled a brand new Moto G this week. Motorola is not changing its formula too much here: camera and durability improvements are…


Hands-on with the new Moto X Style and Moto X Play

Motorola today unveiled two new Moto X devices, the first time it has done so since the line debuted in 2013. Differentiated by more than price and performance, the Moto…


Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Review

Here’s an understatement: the last half decade has not been kind to Sony. With its well-documented financial troubles and lack of successful product launches, particularly on the mobile front, the…

BlackBerry Security Summit

BlackBerry has the security portfolio; now it must sell it

Taking place yesterday in New York City, BlackBerry’s second annual security summit had a ring of familiar sameness: BlackBerry CEO John Chen was onstage cracking jokes and ‘going off script’;…