Exploring roaming choices in Canada

It’s coming up on Canada Day, which for many Canadians means a trip to the States, Mexico, Europe or elsewhere. Here at MobileSyrup, we’re always looking for the best ways…

SyrupCast 45: Three’s Company

This week, Daniel and Douglas are joined by telecom expert and friend of the show, Ben Klass, who guides us through the muddy waters of the recently Rogers-Mobilicity-Wind Mobile deal….

Asus ZenFone 2 review

“The next billion people.” Google used that term several times during its recent developer conference, and maintains that Android’s future is the future of computing, connecting the poor and disenfranchised….

How Orchard keeps shaking the used iPhone tree

I was lying in bed, catching up on some news when the notifications began coming in. My good friend Adrian had dropped his iPhone 4S on some merciless pavement 36…

SyrupCast 44: That’s what people say

This week on SyrupCast, Daniel and Douglas talk about the new Wall Report and how Canadians are spending more on wireless this year than in 2014. Also discussed: The FTC’s…