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The New Cheap: A Buyer’s Guide To Used and Discounted Smartphones

In the comments of our Nokia Lumia 620 review, a bunch of people made some very good points: why buy a so-called “entry-level” smartphone when year-old high-end smartphones are available for the same price and perform better? I thought about this question a lot over the next few days and, with a little help from


comScore: Android now has 40% smartphone market share in Canada

Research firm comScore has releases the “2013 Canada Digital Future in Focus” report today. There are some solid Canadian mobile stats in there and is based on “5,500 mobile phone owners in Canada.” comScore states that as of December 2012 there were 22,076,000 wireless subscribers in Canada, an increase of 10% over last year. This



Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review

The Sony Xperia Z is taking on the iPad and other premium Android tablets with claims of “thinnest,” “lightest,” “sharpest,” and “best.” We had a chance to take a look at the company’s newest flagship slate, which does away with the folded paper design on the back in favour of a cleaner, sharper and, ultimately,



BlackBerry 10 Software Review

One can’t even begin to write about BlackBerry 10 without acknowledging its near-mythical importance to RIM BlackBerry as a company. From its roots as an embedded operating system at QNX to its unused potential as the brains behind the PlayBook, the underlying code of BlackBerry 10 is a legacy unto itself, a proud and lasting statement



BlackBerry Z10 Review

It’s Wednesday, January 30th and unseasonably warm in Toronto. RIM has just nailed a presentation more than two years in the making. BlackBerry 10 is here, and the Z10 is its first representative. It is difficult to talk about the BlackBerry Z10 in isolated terms. Yes, the phone resembles a modern smartphone is every possible


Kobo Arc tablet review (video)

One of the first truly negative experiences I had with an Android tablet was with the Kobo Vox. Rushed to market in an attempt to prevent the marketshare onslaught of the Kindle Fire, and to perhaps convince Canadians that the company was in the same league, it lacked the hardware polish and software content to


Video: Gorilla Glass 3 takes on a steel ball

Gorilla Glass is strong, still breakable, but strong. Now in it’s third generation and on more that a billion devices worldwide, Corning has announced Gorilla Glass 3. At CES 2013 I stopped by their booth for a quick demo of this in action as it’s reportedly three times stronger, has “Native Damage Resistance” which offers