Alcatel Idol 4 Review: Mid-range standout

Being the fifth-largest smartphone manufacturer in North America should garner more attention, but for Alcatel, it always seems like it is running uphill to get noticed. The Idol 4 is…


Holiday Gift Guide for the health buff

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Pour one out, Rogers and Shaw’s Shomi is now dead

If you search for Shomi in the App Store or Play Store, you’ll get zero results. Head over to the streaming platform’s desktop website and a “Shomi is no longer…

OnePlus 3T

A first look at the new OnePlus 3T [Gallery]

While we didn’t get a chance to unbox it inside of a fighter jet, the OnePlus 3T finally arrived at the MobileSyrup office this morning, allowing us to check out…


SyrupCast 96: Oh Snapdragon

On this episode of the SyrupCast, co-hosts Rose Behar, Patrick O’Rourke, Jessica Vomiero, and Igor Bonifacic, recap Rose’s experience in New York at the Snapdragon Technology Summit for the announcement…


Here’s what living the USB-C dongle life is like

I come from a future where to be part of Apple’s new laptop ecosystem, dongles are a necessity. Apple’s new MacBook Pro, just like its 2015 and 2016 12-inch MacBook,…


BlackBerry DTEK60 Review: Secure Android goes high-end

The very fact the BlackBerry DTEK60 even exists might seem like a Catch-22. When a company announces it’s stopping all in-house hardware design, the launch of a new smartphone might…


SyrupCast 95: Living the next four years in a virtual world

On this episode of the SyrupCast, co-hosts Rose Behar, Patrick O’Rourke, Zach Gilbert and Igor Bonifacic discuss the implications of a Trump Presidency for Canadian tech and the tech world in general….