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Canadian mobile customers now pay less for more, and more for less: Wall Report

Canadians now pay less for higher-end plans, and more for entry-level plans, according to the updated CRTC-commissioned Wall Report. An annual review of wireless, wireline, mobile data and broadband data prices across various usage models, the Wall Report details the realities of Canadian monthly spending. In its seventh year, this is the first report since



BlackBerry posts narrow loss on $966 million revenue, improves growth outlook

BlackBerry claimed a narrow loss in the first quarter of fiscal 2015, but the company is close to emerging from its darkest historical time on the back of the John Chen’s efficient leadership. BlackBerry posted an adjusted operating loss of $60 million, or $0.11 per share, on revenue of $966 million for the quarter. Gross margins increased



BlackBerry releases BBM Protected, first product of its eBBM Suite

BlackBerry has finally released the first enterprise-ready eBBM Suite, dubbed BBM Protected, poised to increase the security between the company’s devices. Available today for BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 devices, BBM Protected uses FIPS 140-2 encryption to send messages between those in the same company and other Protected customers, a feature that does not require



Bell adding encryption to push-to-talk service

Bell is set to issue an software upgrade for its push-to-talk service over the weekend, adding the infrastructure to provide a number of new features and performance improvements. The upgrade will allow business and enterprise users on the IP-based PTT network to have more secure conversations, and create group calls over WiFi or cellular. The



BAI Canada’s new CEO talks WiFi and cellular on the TTC

The Toronto of tomorrow offers WiFi, and lots of it. From Starbucks to the lobbies of office buildings, Toronto is awash in wireless signals, many offered for free with a single click. As carriers assess impending spectrum crunches, where users’ data needs will inevitably climb higher than their limited spectrum affords, “offloading,” the act of siphoning cellular



Google reportedly mulling Songza acquisition

Here’s a juicy rumour for your Friday afternoon. Google is reportedly mulling an acquisition of Songza, the curated music service that’s become wildly popular in Canada over the past two years. With over two million regular Canadian users, the company opened its own offices in Toronto’s MaRS building, and has been quietly building a bevy of