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Swarm app by Foursquare

Foursquare promises Windows Phone users that Swarm is coming soon

Foursquare announced plans to ‘unbundle’ its services across several applications back in the beginning of May. Swarm took over the check-ins functionality from Foursquare in mid-May, launching for iOS and Android at the same time. Two months on, Foursqaure is assuring Windows Phone users that they haven’t been forgotten. Speaking via Twitter, Foursquare support told


windows phone bbm

Update: BlackBerry now accepting applications to BBM for Windows Phone beta

Your time is almost here, Windows Phone 8 users. After months of anticipation, BlackBerry has started to accept applications to the BBM for Windows Phone beta. On the company blog, Jeff Gadway, head of product and brand marketing for BBM, stated that BlackBerry has “gotten an incredible number of requests” for the popular messaging service to


expedia - wp8

Expedia for Windows Phone 8 now available

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store has been receiving some love recently. Major developers and brands have devoted some energy to this OS and launched several key apps, such as Pinterest, Tim Hortons TimmyMe, Kobo, and Fitbit even recently announced its commitment to WP8 devices. Expedia is the latest company to expand past iOS and Android. The



Kobo for Windows Phone 8 now available to download

Kobo has followed through on bringing its ereading app to Windows Phone 8 users. The company announced plans to release the app way back in March, and now the WP8 app completes the cycle. Kobo is already available on Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry 10, Windows 8, legacy Windows and OS X. There are “over 4 million



Fitbit currently developing an app for Windows Phone 8.1

If you have a Windows Phone and use the Fitbit activity tracker you’ll be pleased by this news. A post on the company forum, Fitbit declared they are “developing an application for Windows Phone 8.1. Thank you for all your feedback and support!” Unfortunately there is no indication as to when the app will be live.



Facebook Messenger updated with Big Likes and ability to send videos

Facebook recently reported that 19 million Canadians visit the social network on a monthly basis, with over 15 million of us accessing the site from a mobile device. For those who use Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with friends, family or co-workers, you’ll see an update has arrived for your iOS and Android device that


Pinterest for Windows Phone

Official Pinterest app now available for Windows Phone

Full disclosure: while I consider myself well-versed in social media, I have never pinned anything in my life. If something captures my interest, I’ll tweet it, I’ll like it, but I just won’t pin it. That being said, there’s a large demographic of Internet citizens that want to pin all the things, and presumably some



Tim Hortons TimmyMe app now available to Windows Phone users

If you have smartphone powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8,  you can now join iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users by downloading the official Tim Hortons TimmyMe app. This gives you the option to find the 20 closest Timmies locations, and search all menu items and nutritional info. Most importantly, those who frequent Tim Hortons can