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Pioneer CarPlay

Pioneer wants to put CarPlay in your car

Pioneer Electronics announced today a new aftermarket in-dash multimedia system for consumers that want to pimp their ride with Apple’s recently announced (and QNX powered) CarPlay. CarPlay heavily integrates with Siri to allow iOS 7 iPhone users to make and receive calls, use Maps, listen to music, and access messages with just a word or


Office for iPad

New Personal plan nets you Office for one PC and tablet at $69/year

While it was clear after one week of availability that many people were interested in downloading Office for iPad, it was also clear from our comments section that few were willing to pay the price for full functionality. To get anything more than read and presentation support, users also must have an Office 365 subscription,



Office for iPad team does Reddit AMA, says Ballmer greenlit release

Riding high on the news that the Office for iPad suite of apps has already surpassed 12 million downloads in its first week of availability, the Microsoft development team responsible participated in a Reddit AMA yesterday. After promising that print functionality was coming “in due course,” the team shed some light on the development of



Microsoft Office for iPad hits 12M App Store downloads in a week

Well, that was fast. Just one week after launching its Office suite of apps for the iPad, Microsoft announced via a tweet yesterday that they have already surpassed 12 million downloads. This number also includes legacy OneNote downloads, and Microsoft didn’t provide numbers on each app’s contribution to the overall total, but the achievement is



FireChat ‘off-the-grid’ messaging app now available for Android and iOS

As the mobile messaging space becomes ever more crowded, true differentiation is required to rise to the top of the app charts. FireChat, which released an Android version today to match its recently launched iOS app, certainly fits the bill. Dubbed by developer Open Garden as an “off-the-grid” messenger, FireChat enables communication without the need



Songza now factors weather into its recommendations

Despite a cluttered market for streaming music services, Songza has found a successful niche in Canada, with a Canadian subsidiary and over 2.5 billion songs played above the 49th parallel as of last October. Songza’s success has come through its focus on unlimited, free, ad-based music via curated playlists targeted to specific moods and activities.



Microsoft Office for iPad available today

Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Office for iPad today as part of new CEO Satya Nadella’s first major press event. Microsoft Office for iPad will feature Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and go live today in the App Store around 11 am PST. Office for iPad will operate under a freemium model, allowing all



Google launches Chromecast Photowall for iOS and Android

With Google’s Chromecast finally available above the 49th parallel, Canadians can now start taking a closer look at the TV streaming device. Google released a new app for iOS yesterday for those interested in Chromecast’s media streaming capabilities. Photowall for Chromecast lets users share photos from any iOS device or Android devices (running iOS 6.0/Android



Brace your thumbs: Flappy Bird to return

Flappy Bird, the addictive, life destroying mobile game that currently retails for thousands on eBay, is set to return. Answering the question via Twitter that has been on so many Flappers (is that what they call themselves?) lips, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen confirmed that Flappy Bird will return to the App Store… eventually. Nguyen has