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Microsoft cutting support for Windows Phone 7.8 in early September

If your carrier hasn’t already abandoned that aging Windows Phone 7 device, Microsoft is set to put the final nail in that coffin in early September. Mainstream support for Windows Phone 7.8 will end on September 9th, leaving devices like the LG Optimis 7, Nokia Lumia 510, 610, 710, 800 and 900 without continuing support for


Spotify’s Canadian launch is imminent

Spotify is set to launch in Canada, and soon. The company has launched a sign-up page where users can submit an email address in exchange for the prospect of receiving an invitation to use the service. It’s unclear when the company plans to open the proverbial floodgates, but this is the best indication we’ve seen


Google brings Android screen mirroring to Chromecast

Google has released the first list of Android devices capable of mirroring their screens to a Chromecast. First announced at Google I/O, the functionality is now available via Chromecast 1.7 for Android, allowing select devices to mirror their phone screens to a connected TV in real time.

Motorola updates Connect with new app, phone-finding feature

Motorola has finally given its Connect app for Moto X, Moto G and Moto E the makeover it so sorely needed. Connect 2.0 adds an actual GUI to the Android version of the service, which requires a companion Chrome extension to function. What is Motorola Connect? It was initially conceived as a way to view


Eyefi Mobi wireless SD card review

Smartphone cameras have come a long, long way since the blurry VGA output of the first iPhones and Androids, but they’re still physically limited by the size of their sensors. WiFi-connected cameras have slowly tried to meet the demands of prosumer photographers by allowing syncing between them and smartphones, but the process has often been


TELUS: ‘Healthcare is our content play’

TELUS opened the doors of its Toronto offices this week to show off a newly-renovated Innovation Centre, in which its many healthcare-related products, demos and aspirations await public viewing. Introduced by Paul Lepage, President of TELUS Health, the event was envisioned as a way to bring the company’s many disparate engagements into a single place;


CyanogenMOD 11 M8 builds now rolling out

Custom ROM lovers will be happy to learn that CyanogenMOD 11 M8 builds have begun rolling out for a number of devices today. These “Milestone” builds mark a culmination of bug fixes and performance improvements, and are considered considerably more stable and usable than Nightlies, which often arrive feature incomplete.

Google Play Music adds gapless playback on iOS

Google Play Music for iOS added a few substantial new features this week, bringing it in line with its Android counterpart. The service, newly available in Canada, now offers gapless playback between songs, so albums can be heard as intended by the artist. This option was recently added to Rdio’s Android app. Play Music for iOS also


Wind loves the AWS-3 auction, but Bell wants a ‘level playing field’

Two companies on very different sides of the wireless competition argument have come out for and against the upcoming AWS-3 spectrum auction. Wind Mobile and its Chairman, Tony Lacavera, was anticipating such an announcement, claiming it a “significant and important step in encouraging more competition, more choice and more value in the Canadian wireless industry,”