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Samsung Apps brands to GALAXY Apps, promises ‘hundreds of exclusive apps’

Samsung has rebranded its Android app store to align more closely with the Galaxy brand, which is perhaps more well-known in North America than the company itself. Galaxy Apps is the destination for “hundreds of exclusive apps” only for Galaxy owners, and will be the single portal for promotional apps and discounted products.

SyrupCast Episode 4: Public Service Announcement

Welcome to episode 4 of SyrupCast, the best only Canadian mobile podcast on earth. This week, we delve into some of the more exciting elements of the Canadian regulatory system — if the word ‘exciting’ can be used for such a thing — with the newly-announced AWS-3 auction early next year.

Google Maps for iOS now scans Gmail to find reservations and appointments

Google Maps for iOS has been updated with some features that some with find extremely useful, others rather invasive. The app now scans a user’s Gmail account for addresses and times, and displays them on a map for easy navigation. Of course, this is an opt-in feature but for users already embedded in the Google ecosystem,


Tête-à-Tête: Is it dumb to buy a Smart Home?

Welcome to Tête-à-Tête, a series where two of our writers converse on interesting topics in the mobile landscape — through chat. Think of it as a podcast for readers. This week, in light of Samsung’s recently-announced collaboration with premium condo developer Canderel Residential, we ask, ‘Is it dumb to buy a Smart Home?’

Microsoft looking for OneNote beta testers on Android

Microsoft hasn’t updated its OneNote for Android app since April, but today announced a beta program for the popular note-taking app. Like other Android betas, it is being managed on Google+, and once committed, overwrites the existing app on the Play Store. The beta version isn’t a particularly big change from the existing app — Microsoft


Motorola pushing out Android 4.4.4 update to Moto E

Motorola hasn’t even released the Moto E across Canada yet, but the company announced today that it would be issuing an update to Android 4.4.4 for the $179.99 device. Part of its continued commitment to keeping its Moto series updated, Motorola is pushing the latest version of Android to its lowest-cost smartphone, sold unlocked and


Dropcam now offers custom activity zones for more accurate notifications

Dropcam, the fantastic cloud-based video security camera, has heretofore been an extremely useful tool to keep track of one’s home, both inside and out, with a smartphone or tablet, but has always had one major problem: notification accuracy. Until today, it was not possible to tell Dropcam where specifically in its wide-angle frame to mark


Tweetings adds ability to dictate tweets and replies from your wrist

Android Wear users tired of seeing tweets on their wrists without the ability to dictate a reply can rest easy: Tweetings for Android has added the ability to do not only that, but create 140-character opuses by voice as well. Tweetings, one of the few unofficial Twitter apps for Android with real push notification support, has


Samsung takes on Qualcomm with new LTE-capable Exynos ModAP chip

Today, Samsung unveiled its initial foray into full solution system-on-a-chip game today with the new Exynos ModAP. While Samsung has been touting its quad- and octo-core Exynos processors for some time now, they’ve recently been relegated to 3G-only smartphones or WiFi tablets due to a lack of integrated LTE. ModAP is the company’s first SoC with