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WIND drops Nexus S price to $495.00

When the Android-powered Nexus S was released in Canada WIND Mobile came out with the highest carrier price point at $525 outright. Majority of carriers like Rogers, Bell, Fido and Mobilicity all priced it around the $499.99 mark… today, almost 2 months later, WIND has reduced the price to $495 no contract (or on the


WIND Mobile launches “Unlimited Business Solutions”

WIND Mobile recently announced they have 300,000 subscribers and have now decided to expand past the consumer base and head directly into the business market. WIND officially launched “Unlimited Business Solutions” which offers the same plans that are currently available, but with more flexibility (range from $15 – $45/month plus $10 for data add-on). In


Dolby suing RIM over Patent Infringement

Dolby has decided to sue Waterloo-based RIM for infringing on their patents. In a press release today Dolby stated that they “seek recovery of financial damages and injunctions to halt sales of the many RIM products that infringe Dolby’s patents”. Apparently RIM is using Dolby’s digital audio compression technology in the Playbook and their smartphones.


Koodo Mobile officially releases the iPhone 4

Koodo Mobile has released the iPhone 4. Certainly a step up in class for their devices as this joins the Nexus S as one of their flagship phones. As expected, you can get the iPhone 4 on the Tab for $500, or on a newly created three-year contract for $160. Koodo does make a note


Huawei, TELUS and Carleton University create the “Huawei-TELUS Innovation Centre for Enterprise Cloud Services”

The “cloud” is the growing trend and it’s user adoption over the next few years will increase dramatically. Today, a $1.4 million deal between Huawei, TELUS and Carleton was announced that created a research lab at Carleton University. The “Huawei-TELUS Innovation Centre for Enterprise Cloud Services” has a to “research real-world problems associated with cloud


Steve Jobs comic book bio available in August

Fancy Steve Jobs? Have the bobble head statue of the man? How about the comic book? Starting this August a comic book biography on the influential co-founder of Apple will go on sale. Aptly titled “Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple” is a 32-page comic book that will retail for $3.99 USD and writer CW Cooke


Comic: “Why I love and hate having a Smartphone”

The Oatmeal has created an incredibly truthful comic called “Why I love and hate having a Smartphone”. At some point in our life we all fit (or know someone who does) into one of these scenarios. Check out the entire comic here at The Oatmeal Via: AndroidCentral