Bixby Voice will launch in Canada ‘later this Spring,’ says Samsung Canada


  • TheMelonOfWater

    That means the Bixby button on the side of the phone will be a button that does nothing?

    • thereasoner

      If it can’t at least double as a camera shutter button while in the camera app then that would be a fail on Samsungs part.

    • kekekeke

      for now, it s more or less like a samsung version of “google now” and iOS’s “swipe to the left” screen… not that useful but does nt really hurt.

    • Right now it lets you access Bixby Home, which is sort of like Google Now, and Bixby Vision. It scans photos and gives you information about them.

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  • LarryD

    Who knows, it may take as long as their full rollout of Samsung Pay in Canada, lol?

  • Me Ted