Video shows Uber CEO Kalanick arguing with driver over decreasing fares


  • MoYeung

    Pugnacious personality and short temper… typical behavior in USA/Canada.

    • Jason

      So Canada and USA are the only countries with short tempers?

    • MoYeung

      I was trying to “carbon-copy” the conversation to highlight my point but the language filter won’t let me.

    • Smanny

      It just comes down that Taxi drivers were really mad an upset that companies like Uber moved into their businesses. Now Uber is seeing competition from Lyft, and others. Plus what do you think is going to happen to all Taxi, Uber, Lyft, and other drivers, especially with autonomous vehicles going to be on the road.

      Just like the dodo bird. All Taxi, Uber, and Lyft drivers are going to join them.

  • Jason

    He did a follow up after the video:

    “By now I’m sure you’ve seen the video where I treated an
    Uber driver disrespectfully. To say that I am ashamed is an extreme
    understatement. My job as your leader is to lead…and that starts with
    behaving in a way that makes us all proud. That is not what I did, and
    it cannot be explained away.

    It’s clear this video is a reflection
    of me—and the criticism we’ve received is a stark reminder that I must
    fundamentally change as a leader and grow up. This is the first time
    I’ve been willing to admit that I need leadership help and I intend to
    get it.

    I want to profoundly apologize to Fawzi, as well as the driver and rider community, and to the Uber team.


    There use to be a time I was rooting for Uber saying “they we’re much needed replacement for taxis” and was heavily defending them but in the last few weeks/months it’s been really hard to say anything positive and now I think it’s time we find a replacement for Uber

    • disqusmy

      Which is the replacement?
      Your company is the replacement for Uber?

    • Smanny

      Clearly this driver knew that he was going to confront this passenger, especially when the Uber app tells the driver the name of the passenger. Also the person that I saw that was really angry was the driver. He even has the gall and audacity to blame the Uber CEO for his mistake of spending money on cars ($97,000). Did anyone force this driver to buy a number of cars, and become a driver. I personally think this Uber driver was a Taxi driver to begin with. He was probably angry for paying all that money for a Taxi license. Those Taxi licenses are loosing money by the day and they are certainly not worth buying in this day and age. Also what’s going to happen when autonomous vehicles are on the road. Is that driver now going to blame autonomous vehicles? Get a grip. Taxi drivers are going the way of the dodo. That is 100% a fact.

      I hope someone posts that driver’s name. So we can avoid him like the plague.

    • Unorthodox

      This just proves how much attention you paid to actually reading the article. Coming here and crying “Autonomous Cars!”, “Dodo Bird!”, “Everything Good Against Everything Bad!” truly uncovers your mindset of a troll.

    • Smanny

      The only dummies here are you, and the Taxi drivers, Uber, and Lyft drivers. Taxi drivers are the ones to blame for all companies like the Ubers and Lyfts that started up, and moved in. Taxi drivers and associated companies priced themselves too high, and pissed off many users. That is why Uber and Lyft took off. Nowadays Taxi licenses are not worth the paper that they are printed on. These are all hard core facts. Please tell me what is not true? You just can’t face the truth, just like the Taxi drivers, and in the long run Uber and Lyft drivers are ultimately in the same boat. Like it or not, and who cares if you call me a troll or not. I don’t care. I don’t drive a vehicle for a living. Maybe you do, and I am sorry that you choose driving a Taxi for a living. But if you and these drivers cannot see the writing on the wall, and you continue to be a driver, then it’s the driver’s fault for not trying to get into another line of work.

      I even remember seeing a TV Lexus IS car commercial, which stated enjoy driving while you still can. Please tell me that you can’t be this naive.

    • Jason

      You should understand a few things that you have said. “That’s why he recorded this conversation in the first place” it’s pretty much standard practice in any public vehicle to have a dual-cam dash cam so they can record the road and what’s going on in the car encase someone gets violent or damages something, you have proof. “He even has the gall and audacity to blame the Uber CEO for his mistake of spending money on cars ($97,000)” When Uber launched Travis made the promise of “this will be your full time, living wage job so sell your car and upgrade” (among other things), but as usual when push came to shove they had to cut costs which means their careers have turned into part time pay with full time hours.

    • Smanny

      Okay since you seem to know everything. Please explain to me how that driver lost $97,000 dollars? In the video the driver said (cars), plural. Did someone hold a gun to this guy to buy multiple cars? Was he forced into buying a number of cars? No, not a chance. Also you glossed over the part about autonomous vehicles. Some of the first autonomous vehicles will be Taxi’s. This just makes sense.

    • Jason

      First I’m all for self driving cars and yes any taxi service in the future will be hurt (truckers too) but that’s still 10+ years away, and in the grand picture it’s no more different than when any job is replaced by robots but that’s a topic for another post. As for the cars I don’t know what he bought but take a step back and put on his shoes. He was probably making ends meat (which is usually the story or Uber, Lyft, etc) at the end of every month then a new (and at the time) a better company comes out with lower fee’s, make your own hours, a boss saying “you can make a living off this”, and you start off making $20/hr (as a reference point the average cost of living is about $12/hr). So you think life is going great and you buy a new car and since your getting a good wage you get the premium package (hence the leather seats) and you decide it’s time to get a new family van as well. So you have a pretty high end car at about $45k (all taxes in) and a pretty good van at about $52k (all taxes in), now before you say “oh you don’t know he has a family” your right I don’t but I’m just looking at averages which all fit this picture.

  • Shogun

    LOL! Hilarious.

  • Smanny

    Really, that’s nice. Now are you going to stand by them when autonomous vehicles are on the road? Yet they can drive someone to their destination for a fraction of the cost of a taxi driver. Also no smelly driver, no tips required, the temperature controlled by you.

    No matter how much you support Taxi drivers, they are going to become like the dodo bird. Extinct. Mark my words.