Android Marshmallow lands on Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Premium in Canada

Ian Hardy

March 23, 2016 1:10pm

Xperia Z5 owners in Canada can now download Android Marshmallow.

While Bell has yet to refresh its device update schedule, confirming that the update is rolling out, Z5 owners across Canada are reporting they’ve been able to download an OTA with the new OS to their device.

That said, some users are also saying they’ve been unable to access the Google Play Store since downloading and installing the update, so consider waiting to see how things pan out before downloading.

To initiate the download manually, tap Menu > Settings > About Device > Software Update > Update.


Note: this the OTA brings the Z5 up to 6.0.0, not 6.0.1, the latest version of Marshmallow and the update that includes the latest Android emoji pack.

Update: In addition to the Xperia Z5, Marshmallow is also available to download on the Z5 Premium.

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(Thanks, Jean-Daniel!)

  • Rich Savarie

    I’m guessing my Z3 will never receive this update via OTA from Rogers. After all, I still haven’t gotten the latest fixes for the StageFright bug and that was supposed to be months ago.

    • Z3 is on the list of devices scheduled to receive 6.0.

      But you’re right about Rogers; they are the slowest of the Canadian carriers.

    • Zee

      Any idea when Bell will have the Z3 Marshmallow update?

    • Not a clue, sorry.

    • jfbaudio

      Looking forward to the Z3 tablet compact update myself. Early on ETAs appeared to be February… then March. I suppose this is encouraging nonetheless. Otherwise I guess I’ll have to CM-it, which is something I was hoping to avoid

    • Raj Singh

      Consider buying your mobile device outright, and not from a carrier.

    • I applaud you for being the first person since I’ve used this avatar to not only recognize it, but comment.

      As for buying outright, I do. It’s silly to buy it “subsidized” and wind up paying double the price of the device over two years.

    • danakin

      Sorry to hear that. This is the reason I’m not going to buy a carrier locked device ever again (if I can help it).

    • El Capitan Morgan

      I have an international version of Z2 and it received the stagefright bug fixes and will be receiving 6.0 update in the very near future.
      I think the updates has a lot to do with Rogers. This is the downside of having a subsidize phone especially from Canadian providers.

  • ChicO85T

    After the update everything seems to be working fine (except for the play store app) its significantly quicker as well

    • Gary Raposo

      Same here… any idea how to get Google Play Store working again?

    • ChicO85T

      No idea, still haven’t figured out it, I’m gonna keep checking back here and see if anybody posts a solution

    • Aiden

      Apparently over on XDA people are recommending that everyone does a factory reset to get things back to normal and working properly again. I’m in the process of doing that now and will let you know if it works.

    • ChicO85T

      Hope it works out, thanks for the tip

    • Aiden

      So it seems the factory reset worked. I’m in the process of re-installing all my apps and backed up data. Play Store works fine now. What an annoying update!!!

    • ChicO85T

      Worked like a charm, thanks

    • Gary Raposo

      I used the Sony restore process using the Xperia Companion app on my PC. Phone is now running 5.1.1 and it’s not giving me the option of going to 6.0. I wonder if Bell has pulled the update because of all of the problems?

  • Robert Planche

    Anyone figure out how to get the Playstore App to work again. It keeps popping up with an error. Also all my apps installed on SD don’t work. Apparently you have to reformat the SD card in order to use it like internal storage now. Which sucks. Also, I cannot use my company WiFi anymore, since they seem to now require a certificate which is dumb. Was always able to bypass by saying no certificate required. All in all, pretty pissed off with this update.

    • GenX

      I have to backup and reset the phone to get it working again.

  • Allan

    Get a Nexus device and you won’t have these problems.

  • LeCanadianBacon

    Just a heads up guys to avoid downloading 6.0 for your Z5. Both my roommate and brother in law downloaded it and it screwed up their Google Play Services and Play Store. Hopefully Bell pushes a fix

    • Aiden

      You can “fix” the screw up by doing a factory reset afterwards. I did it and it fixed my Play Store. VERY annoying, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    • LeCanadianBacon

      I suggested that. So its on them.

  • Rishu7

    My phone is now dead after the update. Give me a “System UI has stopped” error that I can’t move passed. Anyone know who to contact at Sony?

    • RP

      I have the same problem now. First got the Play Store not working. Tried to fix that and restarted. Now can’t do anything with this System UI has stopped error. How do I get out of this one??
      Sure wish I had read these messages below before updating to Marshmallow…

    • Rishu7

      I called Sony, they make you run a repair software from your computer hooked to your phone. Bad news is: Everything gets wiped. I lost all my pictures and messages… But that will teach me not backing up my phone before major update!!! >=(

    • T. Korpesho

      How did you manage to bypass the UI error message to reset the phone?

    • Ildar T

      You do not need to bypass UI error at all, all you need to do is to turn off the phone, start the repair software form your computer and follow instructions, it took me about an hour but all works fine now.

    • RP

      Who/where did you call to contact Sony? Do you have a number?

    • Gary Raposo

      What version of Android are you running after the repair? I’m back at 5.1.1 with no option to go to 6.0 now.

    • T. Korpesho

      Having the exact same issue with mine. Now I haven’t a clue how to get past the system UI error message to actually factory reset the damn phone. Talk about a nuisance.

    • Jeremy

      I had the same problem. Google play error and then UI error. Had to do a software repair and factory reset 🙁
      Anyway, marshmallow runs smoother/faster than lollipop but left side blur on camera photos is still present.

    • h2oflyer

      Same thing with my update . Sent it in for a repair through the bell store and got a loner. Can’t believe Sony screwed this up!!!

    • RP

      I did get mine restored today. I called Bell first, then Sony (1-866-766-9374) and they sent me an email with instructions and software to load, which was then used to reset my device (Z5 Premium). It worked, and everything seems to be working again with the new software (Marshmallow). I did lose all my data incl vids and photos. But it did retain the apps that I had loaded down before. However, I did have to reset everything as if it was a new phone. Anyway, lesson learned, I will not be in such a rush to install a new software version again.

    • Dani

      Same happened to my Sony xperia Z5! What a screw up this was (well, for some of us anyway). I hope to get it back soon

    • h2oflyer

      What a screw up! Next time I won’t be in such a hurry. Had no choice but to send it in as PC crapped out a while back and I replaced it with an iPad for the wife.

      Just about barfed when I found out the loaner was a S4 mini! My last Samsung was the S2.

      Got to learn to keep an open mind as I get older…took me about an hour to set this up similar to the Z5 with nova launcher and all my apps. Typed this response in vertical without any missed keys.

  • Ray A

    I got the same problem with play store error, a factory restore fixed it. However, I discovered a bug with the Sony camera app. After the update, I cannot choose SD card as the default save location for images and videos…. Any1 have the same problem?

    • Ray A

      Nevermind, a simple restart fixed it, now i can save videos and pictures directly to my SD card. Android M seems to run cooling than Lollipop.

    • Nomi

      Hi Ray, how did you do a factory restore? I pressed power button with volume down, it rebooted in safe mood but I still get same error in safe mode. Phone is not usable at all can’t get further than error message. Please help.

    • Ildar T

      Use repair software from your computer, very easy.

  • Ghazanfar Ali Riaz

    That’s good

  • Garrett Cooper

    Do not update yet! My Z5 is having issues, Google play services, won’t send mms, etc. Wish I could go back to lollipop.

  • Lisa R

    This is an absolutely horrible update. First it took down Google play services. After using Sony’s PC Companion program (referred to me by Sony) to attempt fixing the Google play services, the entire functionality is gone – getting the “System UI has stopped” error which I cannot get past so therefore I cannot back up and restore which is needed to fix this software malfunction. What are my options? Go to my carrier so they can send the phone to Sony for a factory fix and wait for 6 weeks if not more, or go to a mobile repair shop and have them attempt to repair it. I say attempt because I don’t think it is guaranteed that they will be able to fix it either. Talking with the Sony tech on the phone he eluded to the fact that Sony did not even test the update before it was made live. If it weren’t for the fact I just got this phone in January this year and therefore I am not eligible for an upgrade, I would go back to Apple iPhone in a heart-beat. To be honest I am considering paying full ticket price on a new iPhone without an upgrade credit due to this absolutely atrocious let down by Sony and Android, which would make this X5 Premium the most expensive paper-weight I have ever owned. Absolutely despicable. Likely never going to buy a Sony or Android product again if I can avoid it. Don’t get me wrong, Apple was no picnic, but I never had this horrible of an experience within 3 months of buying a new Apple product, or within 24 hours of an update. Lesson learnt.

    • RP

      Read comments below. I just went through this, and phone is now back up and working, with the new software. Good luck.

    • Lisa R

      Following Sony’s instructions is what lead to the System UI error which made it so I couldn’t back up and restore. Are you saying there is another course of action I could have taken with Sony to get my phone restored despite that message which prevented me from doing it through PC Companion?

    • RP

      I am not sure what exactly you did with Sony. But they sent me an email with instructions and software to download. It worked and was able to get mine up and working again. I did lose my previous data and had to set everything back up again, like a new phone. But at least now it works with the new android version software. If you can’t get satisfaction from Sony, send me a PM with your email, and I can forward the email I used to fix mine.

  • Brad C

    Sony Canada has pulled the Marshmallow release for the Z5/Z5P

    “Sony Xperia CA ‏

    Xperia Z5/Xperia Z5P owners: we’ve removed the Android 6.0 update at this time & will advise once it’s been re-issued. Thx for ur patience.”

  • Dani

    FYI I did the Marshmallow update on my Xperia Z5 and this issue happened to me as well. No fix was able to resolve it and when I finally tried to do a factory reset, I received a new error “System UI has stopped” and was not even able to access the menu screen. My phone has been sent to Sony for repair now so just a fair warning to users who have not yet downloaded the updated. Wait a couple of weeks so the kinks like this get resolved.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Got home from Easter break last night and restored my phone. So annoying, now I have to re-setup my phone all over again. Thankfully the issue is gone and it’s running 6.0, but this was an absolute botch on Sony’s part.