Videotron updates User Centre + app with option to add data packages

Ian Hardy

March 9, 2016 6:00pm

Videotron announced it surpassed 768,000 wireless subscribers earlier today, which represents a 21.5 percent growth over last year. In hopes of continuing its momentum, the Quebec-based carrier has revamped its customer account app.

Dubbed User Centre +, Videotron says it was “conceived and designed with the user’s needs in mind.” It allows customers to quickly view account details such as data usage and how much data they use each day, as well as check their balance and set up automatic payments.


Videotron also gives users the option to change their Internet or mobile data plan directly from the app, which is reportedly a first in the province. In addition, there are a bunch of tutorials that provide tips and tricks on how to get the most from your device.

The User Centre + is available on Android and iOS.

  • Karl Dagenais

    Until the app allows me to put a hard cap on my data while taking “music unlimited” into consideration, it will not be useful.

  • Jon Duke

    The app is really bad. Last night, I installed the update and when I opened it, i saw a cluttered UI with at least 90% of the content being ads for Videotron services. I then tapped on my phone number to see my consumption and the app crashed. As a matter of fact, since then, I’ve been unable to get into the app.

  • clee666

    Doesn’t work with business customers. Lost my widget on my homescreen.