Amazon is reportedly working on its own virtual reality platform

Patrick O'Rourke

March 8, 2016 1:14pm

Amazon is working on its own virtual reality platform, according to a job posting on employer evaluation website GlassDoor.

The post, originally spotted by UploadVR, lists an opening for a senior software development manager for a dedicated Amazon virtual reality team. The posting doesn’t go into specifics, but does mention that the new virtual reality program will focus on “building the virtual reality experience within Amazon Video.”

The listing also says the company has plans to create “an ingestion and playback platform for virtual reality experiences,” indicating Amazon could have ambitions to create a MilkVR-like platform. Netflix has already released its own virtual reality app for the Gear VR. U.S.-exclusive platform Hulu has plans to release its own VR app as well.

“The future will not be limited to passive 2D experiences,” the posting continues, indicating Amazon might have plans to focus on 3D VR experiences, which means the company could end up with an advantage over Netflix and Hulu.

It’s important to point out that Amazon Prime Instant video currently isn’t available in Canada. Amazon has a history of releasing its products in Canada months after their U.S. launch, or not bringing them to Canada altogether.

Google recently ramped up its VR efforts, creating a division dedicated to the burgeoning technology, leading to speculation that the tech giant is working on a high-end successor to Google Cardboard.

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  • hardy83

    Geez. lol The VR market hasn’t even start and it’s already going to be over-saturated with hardware.
    This is going to get very confusing for consumers very fast.

    • Kyolux

      “No mom I wanted the Occulus Gear, not the PS Vive..”

    • Omis

      Let the early adopters figure it out. Once the dust settles, pick up the winner at bargain basement prices.

  • Salinger

    Amazon huh? We should see that in Canada, oh about…. never.