Google Photos now includes more robust editing tools

Igor Bonifacic

March 2, 2016 5:00pm

Minus a decent auto-edit feature, Google’s otherwise superlative Photos app doesn’t have much in the way of extensive editing tools; it’s one of the few features that didn’t make Photos’ transition from Google+ to standalone app intact. Today, Google is taking a major step towards correcting that issue.

Launching on the app’s web client first, Photos now features a more extensive set of editing tools. Most notably, there’s finally an option to crop photos, including a set of presets that allow the user to change a photo’s aspect ratio to 4:3 or 16:9.

Google hasn’t confirmed whether these new tools will make their way to the mobile app, but given their straightforward nature, it’s probably a good bet they will make their way to mobile eventually.

Like many of Google’s other server side updates, this one is gradually rolling out to users around the world — I haven’t been able to access the new editing tools on my account. As such, check back later in the day if you’re still seeing the same old editing interface.

  • Vito R.

    Ummm… Do you realize you’ve got a picture of the Google Photos app on this post that is showing a bunch of photo editing tools within the app? There’s a lot more than just auto-edit feature.

    Also, there’s *always* been a crop option in the app – the new feature is the ability lock the aspec ratio when cropping.

  • Still waiting for the embed album feature. :@

  • blzd

    Google is slowly integrating SnapSeed features into Photos it would seem, since acquiring the app that is.

  • Sadly Android client still does not allow to create those fantastic auto-awesome videos or create new manual videos. Google Photos on iOS for some unknown reason has more features than android version, but lacks photosphere viewer.
    Google, as always is very inconsistent.